General POST-PURCHASE thoughts and first week of ownerships

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    Having come to the forum seeking pre-sales advice, both through reading previous posts and asking questions, I felt confident enough to take the plunge last weekend. And now a week has gone by already so I thought I would write about my purchase and my initial ownership experience. This might be a long post so if you just want the summary - I’m happy!

    I had shortlisted a handful of CR-Vs to view, all 2nd Generation petrol automatics but one in particular stood out. My only worry that it was a classified advert on eBay from someone who had six or seven cars listed for sale all photographed outside their house. Their eBay feedback only related to their personal purchases. I would have preferred dealing with either an established garage or privately with the previous owner. The seller did say they would consider a part exchange though which was attractive.

    The car is late 2003 in executive trim with two lady owners and 88,000 miles. MOT until next November. It was advertised for £2995. The seller was very straightforward and pleasant to deal with, I think he has contacts in the trade and gets first refusal on part exchanges that are too old for the dealers to sell on themselves. This one had come from his local Honda dealership and was traded in against a new or newer CR-V.

    Anyway I looked around the car then we went for a test drive, he drove first then I took over. I asked lots of questions, everything was as he described in his advert and all the paperwork stacked up. He allowed me within £100 of what I wanted for my old car so we did a deal there and then and I drove home in my new CR-V!

    I think the car has a few extras or additions over and above its standard specification. I’m not 100% sure as I can’t find the exact brochure in the uploaded materials on this site. It has reversing sensors, they are from Honda as I’ve found a tiny booklet for them in the handbook. I don’t know if I trust them entirely yet, the spare wheel seems to confuse them!

    I also have 16” wheels. When I was asking about the face-lifted models on this site this was one of the changes from 15” but I don’t know if 16” was an option earlier on. Perhaps someone can tell from the design of the 6-spoke alloys in my photo. Tyres are a matched set of Kumho Solus with plenty of tread left on them.

    The headlights seem to be the later version without the amber glass. And I have a full set of CR-V mats. There’s no tow bar which suits me as I’m always worried about what a car may have been straining to tow! One thing I would have liked though is automatically folding mirrors. I don’t know if they can be retrofitted?

    I’ve had a busy week since and have covered 580 miles already (slightly more than my average) mostly on fast A roads. I’ve filled up twice and I’m getting 28.2 MPG which is almost exactly what everyone had predicted. So no surprises or complaints there. Nice driving position, reasonably comfortable seats, all controls where I would expect them to be. The SatNav unit works and I can listen to the radio and play CDs.

    What faults have I unearthed? The wiper blades squeal a bit so I may invest in a new set. My seat belt is a bit lazy. The O/S headlight unit has let in water and has an orange line of rust along the bottom edge. I think this will be my first major job if I can source a second hand one at a reasonable price.

    Mechanically there is one small, occasional problem. You know that noise you get when you turn the key to start a car that is already running – it goes right through you? When I start up from cold some mornings by the time I know the engine has caught and have released the key it’s obviously too late and this happens. Has anyone else experienced it? It could just be technique on my part but if it persists I may raise a thread on it.

    The car was last serviced in October though I have no receipt other than the stamp in the book so I don’t know what exactly was done. The oil still seems clean and fresh. I do feel though that it might benefit from a fuller service. It could just be that I’m not used to hauling a big weight around with a 2.0 litre petrol engine!

    If anyone has any comments on the above or advice on anything preventative I could be keeping on top of I’d be very pleased to hear them. Thank you for reading this far.
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    I'll see if this works. I plotted the dates and mileage of my CR-V's services and MOTs:
    You can clearly see the change of owner during 2009. There'll be an even steeper curve from now with the miles I do!
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    Great update and interesting to hear your thoughts and what you have found so far.

    That's be a sticky starter motor. May just go away when the weather changes. Or it may just need removal and a good little overhaul.

    The K series motors are solid, just needs regular servicing to keep it going .. and going ... and going :Smile:
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    Nice one, I'm glad your happy. My starter does ( did ) the same, your right its a dreadful noise which seems to happen less with use so perhaps yours sat around in the dealers yard for a while say all over the Xmas holidays . But mine also suffered with the dud ignition switch which is very common so I can't be sure which action cured it.
    Mine ( base model ) came with 15 inch wheels in steel or ally but 16 was an option.
    Never heard about retro fitting folding mirrors as don't think they were optioned till the 3rd Generation but sure the techy guys on here will no.
    I don't mind the supreme effort of walking around the car and folding them in !
    Regards the price, whilst not the bargain of the year was ok. There's one on eBay near London with 66k for £1999 which is re advertised so I guess didn't sell.
    No use to you where you live etc.
    Look up past mots on the check MOT status site, it goes back six or so years so you can see the advisories, passes,failures and mileage etc.
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    Thank you Speedy and Stu and thank you for your thoughts and advice.

    The car has never failed an MOT and has only ever had one advisory which was for a worn tyre! That excellent record was one of the selling points for me. I plotted the mileages and dates of all the MOTs and services on the graph in post #2 above, it helped confirm the paperwork was in order.

    My list of things to do, none are urgent fortunately, currently stands at:

    1. renew wiper blades
    2. attend to lazy seatbelt
    3. replace O/S headlight
    4. keep an eye on starter motor
    5. carry out some kind of preventative servicing, currently researching exactly what

    A couple of other things I've thought of:
    6. as mentioned many times on this forum the standard satnav unit is considered by some to be less than ideal. At the moment it works for me (all bar one button) but I may consider a modern replacement at some time
    7. I quite fancy an all-in-one key instead of having a separate key and remote. I've seen some for sale on that popular auction site where it looks like you put the fob innards inside and have the blank key cut. I don't know what the quality is like, I'd be interested to hear if anyone has already tried this?

    Anyway I'll update the log in the garage section as I tackle each of these.
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    My 05 has power fold mirrors so they were available on 2nd gens I imagine the loom would be the problem as it is part of the main loom on my V.
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    A great and very helpful update, I'm considering a change from my HR-V to a CR-V and I've always liked the 2nd Gens but no really sure about petrol or diesel?? I can hear @Ichiban s voice ringing in my head now !!!
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    Good luck with your search Mick. There was actually a nice one for sale in Wakefield when I was looking. It was January though! I'm not a fan of diesel anything but like you I was still concerned about a petrol CR-V. I've been very pleased though, I'm averaging a steady 30mpg on mostly fast A roads and, even though it might not be the fastest off the blocks, there's enough in reserve for a swift overtake if necessary.
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    It will be my daily user doing 20-25 miles to work each night, and the puppy taxi through the day.
    I'm got a great lover of diesel so that's why I was looking at your review. 30mpg is very good.
    I like the 2nd Generation also because of the rear door instead of the tail lifting as it's easier to control the puppy also I like the lifting window in the rear door and it's a lot lower entry than the HR-V.
    I have other things to consider like leather interior as my wife has arthritis and she can slide on the seats getting in and out don't know what it would be like with cloth? Also she's never driven an automatic so that's another thing to look at how do you find the auto box?
    There's a couple around Wakefield at the moment but they seem a little over priced and out of my bracket I'm thinking about up to £4K using the HR-V as possible part ex.
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    My dad went from HR-V to CR-V and is very happy with his decision. He went with my advice (for a change) and bought a petrol manual. He's very pleased with the MPG (knocking on for 40mpg) and the car in general. As it's the limited edition Premiere, it has the headrest mounted DVD screens which make my kids very happy to go out with nan and grandad. Brilliant news for me!
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    Mine has leather and I only drive autos so I can't really make a comparison on those two points I'm afraid. I would have thought your budget should be enough to purchase a really fine example of a 2nd Generation.
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    The decision was taken out of my hands shortly after my last post when my HR-V was rear ended and written off this prompted the purchase of my 07 reg 2nd Generation CR-V. 2.0 petrol.