Pre-Facelift Model Potential Honda Accord 2009 new buyer has couple of questions

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    Greetings from Spain. I am new to the forum, not yet an Honda Accord owner.

    I test drove a 2009 Accord (Euro), 5-sp automatic, 2.4 Lt engine, 201 HP over the weekend. I liked the car, but there where a couple of questions the dealer (not a Honda dealer) could not answer and I have not been able to find out the answers either by reading the Owner's Manual online. I was hoping someone here would be able to help me. The two questions are:

    1) The car I drove had a warning light (and beep sound) in the info panel that would activate every time I drove above 50 Km/h (sorry, it is Spain, the system is metric). The warning light just displayed a sign like "> 50Km/h". Is it possible to stop this warning? If so, how?
    2) The car I drove had tires of the size 225/50 R17 on it. I would like to know if the manufacturer also approves the use of low profile tires (225/45 ZR17 for example) for this vehicle.

    Thank you for your help.
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    1. Yes, it's very easy to turn off the speed limit warning using the steering wheel buttons, I am amazed your dealer doesn't know how to. I guess you don't require detailed instructions at this moment, but it's very easy.

    2. I believe you can't use 225/45/17, only 225/50/17.

    Sorry, you said the dealer was not a Honda one, so I won't bash him :Smile:
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    Essentially there are two standard sizes, one for 17 inch wheels (225/50/17 V98) and the other for 18 inch 225/45/18 W93.

    But look at this link, This will give you the correct sizes
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