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  1. One of the things on my CR-V that didn't work as expected are the power folding mirrors. Both the drivers side and the passenger side are very slow to fold to the point where they get stuck before folding more often that not.
    The power folding issue didn't really bother me as I park on my driveway and don't really need to use the power fold on the mirrors. It was one of those jobs that I was going to leave for the better weather.
    The drivers door mirror always seemed to be getting moved & I always had to either adjust the mirror, electrically using the adjuster or by opening the window and moving the mirror case as I seemed to be running out of travel on the glass. I have tried to reset the mirror by cycling it a few times, helping it fold and unfold which gave me enough adjustment again.

    Here's the big problem, everytime I turn the ignition on the drivers mirror power fold moves the mirror further unfolded taking it past the point where it should be to the point where it would be fully round as far as it could be the wrong way.
    Since the weather has got warmer the mirror seems to be moving a lot more hence why its a problem now.

    I've looked about on the net and there seems to be issues with the Mirror Shut Off Devices on the Civics of similar age. Anyone got any ideas of how to stop the problem and is it related to the mirror shut off device as I am more than willing to have a go at fixing it.
    As a temp fix I was thinking of disabling the power fold so the mirror doesn't move every time I turn the ignition on.
    I've looked in the manual but it doesn't look like the power fold on the mirrors has its own fuse.
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    Has anyone else had a problem like this?
    How did you resolve it?
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    I think if you've cycled it 3 or 4 times and it's still not opening to the correct point then most likely there is a fault with the mirror assembly.
  4. After cycling it 4 times it opens to the correct point and will fold and open to that point on its own but if the ignition is turned off & back on it will open a little more every time.
    Its not too bad today it only moves a few mm every time I cycle the ignition on but yesterday it was moving a fair bit.
    There seems to be a few posts here and there on the net with the same issue but no definite solution other than replacing the mirror which I don't really want to do, due to the cost for a silly fault when the heating and mirror adjustments all work fine.

    I will go through the wiring diagram when I get a little time and see if I can at least disable the power fold for the time being looking to a more permanent fix when I have a little more time and the weather is better.
  5. As a follow up to the mirror problem and the solution for the time being.
    Turns out that someone else has had a go at fixing the mirror problem and that involved some bodged attempt to mask the problem. There bodge worked till the screw they had put in broke away damaging the electric folding gearbox/motor housing.
    Sadly the only way I am going to be able to fix it properly is to replace the mirror folding motor and associated parts. I have managed to solve the problem for now by unplugging the mirror fold motor. There is a small plug inside the mirror which leaves the heated mirror and electric adjust working it just disables the folding motor.
    I will keep my eye on ebay/breakers for a mirror, I will hopefully find a broken mirror that I can transplant the folding motor and associated bits into my mirror housing as the electric adjust is separate to the folding part.
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    Bodge artist like to :hunter:, well you now know what the route cause is now begins the search to get the same colour working mirror.
  7. Sadly it looks like the local garage the previous owner used tried to keep the costs down by taking a short cut or two.:thumbdown:
    They even managed to crack the door panel trying to bodge the mirror as well as loosing one of the mounting nuts inside the door, at least I know what that rattling noise is now, I suppose if she was selling the car she has asked them to take the cheaper option.:Unknown:
    Nothing damaged beyond repair (apart from the folding mirror mechanism) as the crack in the panel is covered by the mirror interior trim (that has a clip damaged too) but luckily in my modelling supplies I have several glues that have already helped repair the damage done.:Thumbup:

    I think I can get away with any colour mirror as the parts I need are screwed into the coloured mirror housing and that is undamaged so might make the search a little easier.:fingerscrossed:
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    What's the garage called Cow-boys-r-us ?
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  9. :Laughing:
    Its a small garage in the village where she lived.
    They have a good reputation around the village but that means nothing with the level of bodgness on the mirror repair attempt.
    I suppose if she told them she wanted it fixing on the cheap its a cheap fix :Ohdear:

    They are the ones who have done the MOT on the car for the last few years but luckily she only let them do the last oil change as the rest of the services were done at the main dealer.
    I guess the main dealer told her the cost of the replacement mirror hence the bodged repair.

    Overall, touch wood, apart from the satnav issue (that I already knew about and negotiated that into the purchase deal) the mirror is the only issue with the car so I am still very happy with the car:gohonda:
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    Good work to find the issue. :Thumbup: That's often the hardest part of the process.
    With a little luck you'll find a replacement soon.
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    I have exactly the same problem. It comes from cracked motor housing (cover plastic is too weak to work for long time) and small pin with spring (see nr.1 on pic.), which should stop movement at certain place. Because of cracked plastic, this pin can not sit hardly in place and every time you start engine, mirror motor get power and turns a bit forward. This also seems strange for me, as there are no switches for cutting power of motor. Perhaps it is solved electrically, that after same time power gets cut.
    There would be enough to change that cracked plastic cover to solve problem, but .... there are no spares provided from Honda. Only possible way is to buy new mirror. Or workaround - cut power to folding motor.
    You can try to push spring washer (or whatever it calls) down (see nr.2) to tight whole rotating part, but it doesn't help a lot.
    I sugest not to fold those mirrors by hand too - it may broke that plastic of motor housing.

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  12. If you release the black cover on the end of the mirror, nearest the car door by pushing with a screw driver from inside, and release the screws holding the outer cover ( 4 screws inside that are behind the glass) the outer cover can be moved enough to unplug the power to the folding motor keeping the rest of the mirrors functions working.
    On my car someone had put a small set tapping screw into the plastic around, along with a bit of the plastic ground away, where you have 1 in your photo. Over time it has broken away causing a big crack and the problem to return.
    After unplugging the wires to the power fold the problem is solved for now. I am looking for a replacement used part, even a damaged one that I can effect a proper repair on. I might even attempt to fix the current mirror folding motor housing if one doesn't turn up but it can wait for the better warmer weather. But for now unplugging the plug to the mirror folding motor has solved the issue of the mirror constantly moving on start up.
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    It is only picture I could find and it can not explain whole story :Smile:
    I know how to disassembly whole mirror. First problem is to find new washer (2). I used old one, but it doesn't keep in place too well. To get it off is not an easy part too.
    Second - even if get used mirror, you have to dismantle motor housing to check that small pin nest (is it good) and plastic of housing for cracks. Also check opposite side for wear - that aluminum plate 3 with stopping places.
    Other possibility could be to find someone with CNC machine and make that plastic cover from aluminum.

  14. The spring type washers/clips are available from other sources. They are not identical but will do the same job.
    I have talked to my mate about possibly 3d printing some parts to make the mirror work properly but I need to find one that hasn't been damaged beyond repair as mine had already been before I bought it so we can get more idea as to why it fails & where it needs to be better and stronger. If that means using parts from another car with some 3d printed/machined parts so be it.

    I don't want to disassemble the working mirror on the opposite side of the car at the moment due to needing the car. The bad wet weather isnt helping, without having access to the garage at the moment, as its occupied with another car.

    The original pin,spring and plastic seems to be a weakness in the design that's for sure & there seem to be a lot of people who have the same fault with the mirror.