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    Hi Everyone. I don't think I've posted since the forum changed its branding/name.

    I have a 2005 Tourer and the power steering stopped working last week (according to my wife). I saw that the fluid reservoir was very low, I topped this up and the steering seem to work. But I had a chance to check in daylight and I saw a damp patch on the inside of the bonnet lid and on the black engine cover towards the back of the cover.

    Looks like the pipe has been leaking for a while. I've looked at a replacement part £228!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that it is only the flexi hose part that is leaking - can this part be made up by a specialist company (Pirtek type place)??

    We are just looking at selling the car too as we need something smaller for our daughter to be insured on - this is just typically annoying luck that the car starts playing up (apart from the broken tailgate).

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    I take it you are talking about the power steering cooler in front of the aircon condenser ?

    You could get someone with mandrel bender bend up a aluminium tube with the same OD tube. There is a guide for the change Guides and DIY section.
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    Its the pipe/hose that goes along the side of the engine from the PAS pump and where it go around the back of the engine block the flexible hose has a leak somewhere. The local Honda dealer said they didn't have any in stock, so I went to the local salvage yards this morning but had no joy either. One of the salvage yards recommended a local hydraulics firm - so I popped in that have said that they can easily replace the flexible hose part for approx £40.

    So next Saturday's job is...... :Smile: (can't do this weekend as its a Mountain Biking weekend)
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    Good news if they can get you sorted for about £40. Let us know how you get on. For now, enjoy the mountain biking.
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    Hey Louey...

    Just wondering how you got on with your P/S hose fix? I'm plagued with the same burden of a leaky hose so need a fix before it gets too cold to pop the bonnet... Brrrr.... :-S

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    I didn't get the pipe fixed as I sold the car quicker than I thought I was going to - the person I sold it to was local and he went to the place I was recommended and got the pipe repaired :Smile: - he sold the car a month later as he couldn't has a habit of off loading cars shortly after buying them (he's had two Passats, a Golf and a Civic since selling the Accord )
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    Can you tell us about the "local hydraulics" place that made up the hose ?

    This information may help other users.
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    Sure, the place is called Norton Hydraulics Norton Hydraulics
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    Thanks Louey/ SpeedyGee for following up on this.

    I've just spoken to Pirtek here in Derby who will have a look, and fingers crossed can replace the flex hose for around the 50 quid mark, all being well.

    Dropping the car around later so will feedback what I find.
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