Suspension, Steering and Brakes Power steering hose?

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    Hi Accorders!

    My 7th Generation accord (CDTI estate sport, 04 plate, 150k miles) started to feel heavy on the steering recently. I had to take it to a Honda dealer (Brayley in Enfield) anyway for them to sort out the passenger airbag. I told them about the steering problem and they said they would investigate (for £80).

    They've just called to say that the power steering hose has come detached and the steering fluid has leaked. They don't have any hoses in stock and it will be August 10th by the time they have any more. The price to replace it and replenish the fluid is £350 which I find pretty high to be honest.

    Anyone had this problem before? Does this price sound reasonable?

    Any other garages I can take it to in North London that could be able to help?

    Any advice appreciated. Many thanks!

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    Detached ? Has it broke at a connector ?

    Try and get some pictures of it. You maybe able to do a temporary repair on it to get you going again.
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    That sounds super steep! Suppose it depends which hose.
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    Thanks for your replies

    They've told me the power steering hose from the pump to the rack is leaking (not detatched as they told me over the phone?) and it needs to be replaced. Couldn't get anything out of them whether it can be repaired as is. It's driveable as long as I keep the power steering fluid topped up. The guy at the parts desk told me the new hose costs over £200! Hence the £350 to fix it all.

    Definitely going to take it to another garage to see if they have a cheaper alternative.

    Is there a good source online of honda parts where I can check the price of this hose? Have had a little look around but can't find much

    Thanks for your help
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    If the end connectors are ok and its the hose in between that has failed have you looked for a industrial/agricultural hydraulic hose repair place to replace the section? It's worked out much cheaper for me in the past, they would have all the correct hose, flaring and crimping gear.
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