Engine & Gearbox Power steering leak and clutch slip

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    Firstly - My power steering rack appears to be leaking, especially from the passenger side. Does anybody know if the rack can be changed without removing the subframe? I'm sure I've read it can be done but it's very tight.

    Secondly - The clutch slips intermittently in 5th gear when pulling from low revs? The clutch its self is fairly smooth with no judder, although on occasion I can feel a click I'n the pedal when depressed. Could somebody enlighten me?
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    Mike are you planning to do the work yourself ? What facilities do you have available ?

    I haven't personally done a steering rack replacement so couldn't tell you if it can be done without dropping the subframe. Dropping the subframe isn't as daunting as it sounds though. In fact you may not have to totally remove the sub frame just loosen and drop it a bit. This is mentioned in this thread http://hondakarma.com/posts/5570/

    Do you know what part of the steering rack is leaking ? The feed pipes are known to start leaking as they are prone to rust, it maybe that these need repalcing and not the rack.

    If you suspect that your clutch is on it's way out you might consider doing a clutch replacement at the same time, as you have to drop the sub frame to remove the gearbox.
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    Thanks for the quick response SpeedyGee.

    I'm not going to carry out the work myself.

    The leak is from around the gaiter which is dripping onto another pipe below it, then obviously the ground. It appears to be worse when the wheel is on full lock.

    Does the subframe have to be dropped completely for the clutch replacement?
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    Yes for clutch replacement the sub frame needs to come off the car to allow the gearbox to be dropped.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If it's leaking from the end of the rack, sounds like the seals have gone.

    What's your plan with the rack, find a second hand replacement or get this one reconned ?
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    Would a stop leak product work, or is that a no-go in a Honda?

    I've looked at both a recon swap and second hand. The recon is about £300, the second hand option is about £90-£120. Not sure which is best?

    With the clutch is it advisable to get the DMF done at the same time?
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    If it were me I would definatley consider getting the DMF replaced too. You then have extra peice of mind. Not sure how much they cost though.

    Chris aka Hondavtecr is breaking an Accord (or may more than just one), see this thread


    He maybe able to provide you with a power steering rack. Chris is an ex Honda tech who now runs his own Honda independant specialist garage.

    Maybe extra peice of mind buying the rack off him.

    Actually I think that thread is under the AOC Spondsors section which you may not have access. You need a certain minimum post count before the Sponsors section opens up.

    If you can't see it send a private message to user Hondavtecr
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    Cheers for the feedback I'll drop him a pm

    It would still be nice if somebody could tell me if the rack can be changed without dropping the subframe? The rack is more of a priority at the moment.
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    Actually thinking about it Chris has been busy moving to a bigger premises so may not see your PM for a good few days.

    Give Pheonix Honda Specialists a call, I'm sure Chris would be able to tell you how to best take the rack out.

    Let us know what the suggested route is.
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    A quick update, I gave Chris a call and he was helpful and gave me a good price for the rack.

    However I've decided to wait until the clutch is slipping more (to change + DMF), or the MOT is due depending on whichever comes first before changing the rack. This makes more economic sense at moment as the clutch is not that bad and I can keep the power steering fluid topped up for now.
  10. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    You don't actually need to drop be subframe to get the gearbox out.
    You can actually drop the subframe enough pull the gearbox sideways out past the strut.
    This saves you dropping the steering rack as well.
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    Mike you don't ha e to change the DMF
    unless it's out of spec. But you can only measure the play when the box is off.
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    I was aware its not a given the DMF has to be changed. However as the rack and clutch will changed at some point, the DMF might as well get done if it's showing any signs of wear.
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    They don't so much show wear but have permissible play.
    They are allowed up to 38.5mm +10%.
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    Thanks for the info, out of interest what are other owners experiences of a clutch + DMF? For example have many had to change theirs because of play? Etc.
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    Just had my clutch changed looks like its now on its third clutch but the DMF was in spec.
    Don't know if it was changed for the second clutch (before I owned it) but I doubt it.
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    From personal experience i wouldn't do the clutch without changing the DMF. Had to do this on several audis and vws guy I use this way won't do a clutch swap without doing the DMF first one I ever had done was a vw and took to vw under warranty they did the clutch saying DMF was within spec only for it to go back less than 6k later for a new clutch and DMF.. OK that's a vw and they are pants but these things are a pain in the rear and you won't want to do it twice.

    Good luck with it bud. Keep us posted