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    Hello to one and all,

    After over coming the whole Key fiasco I have another question for you guys.

    Power Steering Pumps .... Mine is borderline annoying as the whining sound is getting louder and louder.

    My question is compatibility wise ... Is it one fit for all? Will a 1.7 pump fit into a 2.0 petrol engine?

    Would it really make a difference? I would have thought the whole power steering component/module is separate to the engine and the fluid used in it is independent to the engine etc. Or am I thinking incorrectly?

    Also am gonna buy a second hand one as a brand new one from Honda is a rip off. £580+ something including VAT. Then with an independent garage fitting it, Labour, replacing fluid etc looking at £700-800!!!

    Anyone had similar issues?
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    Have you first tried changing the power steering fluid ?

    If the fluid is past it's best it will froth up, they frothing introduces air bubbles into the fluid and the pump does like this so it whines.

    OR there could be a small leak in one of the pipes or joins allowing air into the system. If one of these is the route cause of your problem changing the pump won't help.

    With the engine running look into the power steering reservoir, do you see frothing and bubbles ?

    Mine was rather whining a few months back, I changed the fluid and fixed the whine altogether.

    Have read of this Accord/7th Generation - Speedys Accord - Roobix - Latest: WeaponR header + custom exhaust system | Page 3
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    +1 on changing fluid first. Otherwise there are lots of 'how to' rebuild videos online, its fiddly but not too bad of a job, also sometimes the screen in the fluid container can get clogged causing the pump to be slightly starved and cause problems. As to the pumps all being the same unfortunately they are not they all tend to have different capacity to suit the needs of the vehicle. I remember reading that with mine they increased capacity from the previous generations to help with drive-ability and overheating.
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    Thanks to one and all for the above advice. I think the O ring has been replaced already by my mechanic last time it went to the garage. It seemed to have fixed the problem for a day or so. Shall try to replace the fluid. And keep this thread updated.
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    yeah i had a whiny pump with the frothy fluid a while back changed the o ring and fluid and its been fine
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    Just an update tho this thread. As aforementioned, the O Ring had been replaced. the Fluid itself now has also been replaced. I opted to go for a full flushing of the fluid from the system. Took 3 Litres fluid in total. But all is well again. Now the only whining i hear is by the kids and Mrs. All back to normal again ...............