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Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by skhell, Sunday 12th Feb, 2012.

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    Hey guys!

    Today while working on the front brakes, I noticed I had a small "stain" of oil under the steering rack boot, after a closer inspection, there was a drop of oil under the steering rack boot (passenger side).

    I guess I must have a leak on the power steering rack, maybe some o-ring has gone bad.

    Now the big question, does anyone knows if it is possible to repair the steering rack? If so, where to get the parts? I have been looking for a repair kit and found nothing. I also looked in the repair manual and in Original Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda and couldn't find any that looks like a repair kit or o-rings/seals for the steering rack.

    The leak is very small, but I guess it will get worst in as time goes by, so I am already looking on how to solve the problem.

    Then I looked at the power steering fluid reservoir, and it was quite low, not at the minimum, but almost there... and very dark. This made me recall the discussion there was a while ago about replacing the power steering fluid. This leak is not conclusive, but I bet has never been replaced. The old fluid could be related to the leak, but no one can say that for sure...
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    I wouldn't have a clue mate. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be around soon.
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    My old Civic had started to leak from the steering rack a little. I very very rarely had to top the fluid up, there is an additive leak stop thingy you can add to it especially for PAS leaks. On the MOT they just used to advise on it.

    For my Civic I could only get a new genuine rack which was just over £1k the other option I had was to remove the rack and send it off for refurbishing. I just kept an eye on the fluid and stuck that leak stop stuff in which I don't really think worked but by the sounds of it my leak was alot worse than yours.

    Mine was leaking for a good 3 years and I don't think it ever got any worse.
  4. SayamaAccord Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I see a couple of second hand ones on ebay for £30.
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    I guess I will just topup the reservoir and pray for it not to get worst...
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    I'd just keep an eye on it mate see how much fluid it uses and then go from there. Personally if it only needs topping up every 6 months or so i'd just leave it, however if you have to top it up every couple of weeks i'd look at getting a re-con/2nd hand rack for it.
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    Is it safe to use NON-Honda Power Steering Fluid? If so, do you recommend any make?
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    I used anything as long as it was to the right spec on my Civic.
  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Any more 6th Generation accord owners faced leaking steering? collating some data to why this happens and it pointing to fact the hydraulic PS fluid is well past it usable life.

    Honda say its a sealed system ,but I say like all fluids it has a shelf and usable life. Do we take preventative measures and change it every 6 years ?