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    Reading the manual (p153) it states that there are sensors located on both sides of the tailgate and the power tailgate does not close if they touched while trying to close the tailgate. It also goes on to be careful not to scracth them as it may cause the power tailgate closing featue to malfunction.

    Does any body know where these are located ? I have looked on the tailgate it self and can only see the rubber bump stops located on either side of the tailgate itself and touching them does not make any difference to the closing function. The other place is on the car it self where the bump stops sit into, but again touching or covering these does not seem to make a difference to the power tailgate closing.

    What am I missing ??
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    I'll have to have a look - can't say I have ever noticed sensors beyond the rubber stop grommets that are on the edge of the tailgate - unless they are built in somehow to the edges etc or connected with the rubber grommets?
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    Item 40 and 41 in the image fella.

    CRV tailgate sensor.PNG