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    The driver's window on my 2006 CR-V stopped working whilst I was having an alternator replaced in my Honda Garage. I suspect that when the car broke down a few days earlier that the door was open whilst it was raining heavily and that water had got into the switch (a known issue I now realise). Here is the thing- the garage just wanted to replace the switch at a cost of £292. I had just paid £448 for a new alternator so wasn't very happy.
    I vaguely remembered there had been a recall a few years earlier and asked whether the switch had been looked at then. The answer was yes it had been, the problem addressed and there was no warranty on this. I told them I needed to consider what I was going to do. On the way home I hit the window button without thinking and the window came down and wouldn't go back up!
    I took the car to a garage closer to home for them to just get the window up whilst I decided what to do. They opened the switch and said that it was covered in silicon and were not impressed by what they found. I bit the bullet and paid for them to order a switch from Honda and fit it £315!
    Phoned my Honda Garage to explain what had happened and that I felt they should take some responsibility for the switch failing. They said that the recommended 'fix' for the switch when mine was recalled in 2014 was to cover it in silicon and put some tape over it.
    They could tell I wasn't happy and offered me some money off my next service as long as I gave them 5 Stars on the Customer Feedback Survey! That's another issue.
    Here's my question: If the known fault was water getting into the switch and shorting it out or worse and the solution was to cover it in silicon then it clearly was not a satisfactory fix, otherwise the water that came in when my car was broken down in heavy rain would not have been a problem. So I feel that my Honda Garage should have taken responsibility for an unsatisfactory repair and not expected me to just shell out £292 without telling me all about the problems associated with the recall. Everything I have since discovered about this issue has been on the internet.
    Surely the solution was to update the part? Expensive I know.
    Another question. How do I know that the new switch I got from Honda does not have the same problem if they haven't updated the part to solve this issue?
    Views very welcome. Thank you.
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    Bump !

    Anyone know what the original fxi should have been ?