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    Both of mine are busted with stone chipping and I was looking around for replacements, problem is the only place I can find any is through the official Honda parts list for around £150 a side. :eek:

    Question is, are there any aftermarkets available that would do the job?*
    Everywhere I look they're the oval ones and mine are round, so I don't want to take the chance of buying oval ones (and panels) and finding they don't fit. :Messed:

    Any info appreciated. :cool:

    (Car is a 55 plate Diesel Exec)

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    Stick with the round fogs as the NSF has a duct which feed cold dense air to the intercooler. You change it to the oval one if you fit them you will starve the intercooler of cold air.

    Breakers is where you want to be looking bud.
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    Cheers peeps, I kinda suspected a breakers would be the best bet, given the dearth of matching lamps on Ebay etc..

    Good info on the duct, I'd no idea that's where the feed was taken from.
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    These are a complete (Edited) to remove,i had to butcher them to get them out,i replaced mine with the oval ones which i got through work for £20 each as i was selling the car,they went straight in,i just had to modify the wiring slightly for the H11 bulb,a Vauxhall wiring harness did the job at £10 a go.
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    Don't tell me.
    Poor fastenings? :Wink:

    I'd already tried to remove the screws and it's the same old story I had with the Yamaha.
    Mechanically rock solid, but let down a tad with the odd cheap screws, nuts and bolts, so I'm looking at drilling them out already..and I haven't even seen behind them yet.

    Scottish roads probably take some of the responsibility, given there's salt put down for a quarter of the year.

    Given the hassle you've had (and the fact they don't look the most robust of lenses on the Ovals I've seen), I think I'll just go for a straight swap.

    Cheers anyhoo..:Wink:
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