FR-V Pre or Post Face lift FR-V??

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by colinbos, Monday 10th Jun, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    Im looking forward to getting involved with this forum. Im an ex Audi, VW and Alfa Romeo Spider (classic car) forum member and like to get involved and post my DIY projects etc when I have the need.

    Firstly, I have a 2006 2.2 CDTI FR-V 65k miles with full Honda service history and need some advice re the routine/time limits of oil servicing and changing the timing chain and oil chain on these engines. Is my car classed as the pre or post face lift engine ?

    I have read the posts on the accord I-CDTI and am confused as to whether they are the same engine.I wish to maintain it correctly and avoid any issues so any advice to pre-empt any issues will be very heartily received

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    I have a 2006 I-CTDI FR-V as well - 2006 onwards are face lift i believe.

    65k is a baby, mines has 141k!
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    Thanks Diesel Power. Ill admit after reading the forum I think i may have made a mistake in buying the cdti with all the problems it can have, si Im glad to hear yours has many miles on. Has t been trouble free motoring ? Any advice on what to look out for during ownership? Things I could look out for and take care of before I have problems ?
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    Hi Colin,

    At your mileage i would just do the oil+filter and fuel filter. Maybe ensure you have the shorter aux belt, this will save you any issues in the future with the alternator.

    Make sure you're not driving like miss daisy pottering about town at 30mph all the time. No car likes that, especially Diesels. Get it on the motorway regularly and BOOT IT! I regularly exceed the speed limit in very very short bursts when overtaking and the engine seems to benefit from stretching it's legs.

    Main thing seems to be that the Oil (0w30 fully synthetic) needs changing regularly, ppl on this forum say < 10k. You should only ever use a genuine Honda fuel filter and don't get it chipped and don't tow it too much (clutch + DMF). Don't let the oil get low and don't let the fuel tank get low on fuel.

    Had mine a few months so only done a few thousand miles. It has been flawless so far, I've really enjoyed driving it. It certainly does not feel like a car with 140k on it.

    Like you, I had a heart attack after i came on this forum and read all the stories , however, I think the face-lift has less issues with the chain. The biggest risk is buying an abused un-serviced one, your one sounds minted.

    In retrospect I took a huge risk in buying mine as it only had 5 dealer stamps and I bought it from an auction. But it had 1 owner and I only paid £3400 for it and I started it up before purchasing to ensure the engine wasn't making any noise. With the knowledge I have now I would have been extra cautious and not relied on it being a Honda.

    Due to the high mileage on mine I carried out a full service, this included:

    Oil + Filter
    Fuel Filter
    Air Filter
    Pollen Filter
    Manual Transmission fluid
    power steering fluid
    brake + clutch fluid
    new shorter aux belt
    replaced power steering line o-ring
    replaced rear anti roll bar bushes
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    Hi and welcome along I have an Accord I-CTDI on a 06 it's got 166k miles on it of which I've put just over 36k on it I buy my oil from opie oils there is a link on here you get a 25litre drum should do you 4 oil changes and it works out that you don't pay for 12 litres compared to if you buy it from say Halfords. Regular oil changes don't thrash it from cold and deffo don't remap it plus get the fuel filter changed there is a DIY on here for the Accord I dare say the FR-V won't be much different and make sure you use a genuine filter we have a club discount with Holdcroft Honda they can supply all service parts delivered next day usually free delivery and very good prices.

    Don't be put off by all you read on here sounds like you've got a good example and there are plenty of high mileage cars to prove they can do it.
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    Thanks for the replies. I got the longer belt changed for the shorter one and have purchased the Honda fuel filter in advance of its next service. National tyres do a 5W30 Castrol Edge oil change including filter for £45 which seem reasonable.

    Ill get the Transmission and Power steering fluids changed with the service to keep it all fresh.

    Having been an Audi driver for years I find I'm liking the Honda way of doing things but still find the Honda range of cars limited. Other than the FR-V and CR-V I don't see anything else 'Dynamic' to tempt me. I hope they do a new FR-V at some point !