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    Hi all,

    Wonder if you can help. I'm in the market for a diesel CR-V around the 2006 age. Have £5000 to spend. I'm hoping to tap in to some of your expertise.

    Is there anything I should be particularly mindful of when test driving/inspecting the vehicles? Also I'm expecting at £5000 to be purchasing a vehicle with FSHand around 80/90/100000 miles on the clock. Is this a good idea and is there anything that should have been replaced by such point? EG timing belt, clutch etc..

    The car will be mainly used for family outings (3 kids 2adults and one dog) and also for towing our light 2005 swift musketeer caravan.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated as our mondeo has gone bang and we are due to go away next Fri.

    Thank you in advance,

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    As mentioned above Nels...

    But pay particular attention to Clutch and dual mass flywheel (DMF) as they can be expensive. Not hearing about so many failures now, so maybe replacement parts are better!

    So check for clutch judder and slipping.

    No cam belt as it is a timing chain :Smile:
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    Please listen out for any squeaks on the clutch pedal - they are notoriously difficult to rectify and in some cases might mean a complete master cylinder replacement.
    Please check the rear seats slide forwards and backwards/ decline recline. This is one of the best aspects of this vehicle as a family car.
    Also check the rear axle fluid has been changed. Best way to find out is to drive around a mini-roundabout/field with the steer on full lock. You will hear a groaning sound from the rear if the fluid has not been changed. This is easy to resolve, but is a useful bargaining chip if you are dealing with an inexperienced seller; so is the absence of the picnic table in the second generations - most people lose them!
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    Thank you for the above. I had the clutch and flywheel replaced when I bought it. On the way to Dorset I noticed the clutch clicks when released very annoying. I contacted Honda and its booked in for when we get back. Sounds like it could be related to the above.

    Thank you!
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    Congrats on your new CR-V. They are great cars to have, I can tell you.

    The clutch click/creaks/squeaks are best case scenario related to the springs in the pedal housing (in which case a good dose of copper grease will do the trick), the shaft that enters the master cylinder (in some cases resolved by tightening up some bolts or applying copper grease there too) or worst case the master cylinder itself (which I hope is not the case with your car, it will temporarily ruin your enjoyment of it!).
    I suggest you try the copper grease (or WD40 Special lubricant: WD40 Specialist Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant Aerosol Spray 400ml with Smart Simply Bearings Ltd as this is easier, will do no harm and might save you some dosh!
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    Great I have some copper grease in the caravan. If not I'll take it back to Honda as its under warranty.

    Thanks again.