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    Looking to buy a reasonaly cheap (£2200) family car with enough power for towing a small caravan and also fun to drive. Looking at less then 10 years old, big engines (people seem to be avoiding them at the moment) and high milage but well serviced. Current choices are

    Honda Accord 2.2 Diesel
    Honda Accord 2.4 Petrol
    Madza 6 2.3 Petrol (not MPS)
    Volvo (any really) T5 or D5

    Honda accord 2.2 Diesel is favourite at the moment.

    However I have been reading some info on this car and the ones in my price range 120k miles+ appear to be liable to a Rattling Timing Chain.

    Honda Accord 2.2I CTDI SPORT 4DR 2004 <- last sentence on this add.

    Obviously a rattling timing chain is easy to spot and should be avoided at all costs. I've read repair bills of £4000?

    However if i was to buy one without this issue and it developed what's the problem with just living with it - Will it write the engine off after time or is it just annoying? If it has already been replaced under warranty what's the chance of it happening again?

    Probably will be doing 12-15k miles per year and wanting to keep the car going for about 2 years.

    Happy to service myself. On the 2.2 I understand regular oil changes are important. 0W30 oil recommended but how much will oil, air & oil filter set me back if I do it ever 4 months? Does it have to be Honda oil. Isn't Castrol edge or similar good enough?
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    Buy a petrol, the money you want to spend won't get you a decent I-CTDI. 2.4 will tow a caravan nicely plus loads more reliable than diesel.

    0 30 can cost around £10 a litre you need 6litres for diesel, genuine service kits air,oil,pollen and fuel filters on eBay around £70 delivered.
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    Having owned a Mazda6 I can tell you that the Accord is much much better car. So I'd cross that Mazda off the list :Smile:
    I've also owned a Volvo, I hated it with passion, I look back and laugh at my choice, I got rid of it pretty quickly within 4 months

    I'm now on my 2nd consecutive Accord 2.4 7th Generation, covered about 100k miles across both of them. Neither put a foot wrong, never had to fix anything, just service them. I'm in the 4th year of ownership of the current one (compare that to the 4 months with the Volvo!!).

    At 118K miles my current one still drives like she's just come fresh outta the show room.

    That's the reliability of the 2.4 petrol. Buy the diesel and it's a whole different ball game, you may as well cross the reliability word out of your dictionary.

    So my advise like Dave's is got for the 2.4 petrol :OTT:
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    go with the petrol, they're sliky smooth well sorted motors, I use my 2.0 petrol as a sort of privately owned company car covering 22K a year, and was reluctant at first to make the jump from diesel to petrol but I'm glad I did, if I were in your position I'd go for the 2.4
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    Ok will take a closer look.

    Is the estate any good to drive? or is it like a boat
  6. I drive a 2.4 estate and it's a superb overall drive, best I've ever owned by far, the engine is excellent, and it handles reasonably okay, not as well as the 6th Generation Accord which handled very well indeed for a family saloon, but a lot better than you'd think by looking at it because of the VSA system.

    If I'm 100% honest the only issue I'd mention with the Tourer is just one or two moments when I'd have liked to stop a bit quicker - I don't think I'm alone in that because fitting double-piston Accord Type-R brakes to this car has become a popular mod. So just be mindful of that if you get one.

    It doesn't have to be Honda oil. If you want Honda AOC is affiliated to Hondcroft Honda in Stoke who do a good deal, and to Lubetechshop who do great prices over a wide range including 0W 30 which I use, and they have a discount code you can get from the site moderators.
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    The Tourer handles like a boat if you have an idiot behind the wheel in the right hands can see off saloons despiste the weight.

    I have smoked a few and still do on york speedway.