Bulletins & Advisories Precautions Concerning Rear Seat Belt Buckle Handling

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    Honda have issued the following TSB for customer information and guidance. TSB# SM-08-007-00 dated 23-05-12.

    This if all year models (MY) for the following Jazz models GE6, GE8, GG1, GG2, GG3, GG4, GG5, GG6 & Jazz Hybrid GP1.

    This bulletin is to inform of precautions concerning rear seat belt buckle handling. If the rear seat base is raised (folded) with one of the seat belt buckles released from the retaining loop (A), the rear seat belt buckle will fall on the floor. When the seat base is then returned to normal position the buckle will become wedged between the seat and the floor causing damage to the buckle. Please advise the customer "NOT to release any of the rear seat belt buckles from the retaining loops (A).
    NOTE: Seat belt buckle damage resulting from the release of a buckle from a retaining loop is not covered under warranty.
    Buckle Damage Example
    1. Raise the seat while rear seat belt buckle (B) is released from the loop.


    2. Rear seat belt buckle (B) falls down on the floor.


    3. When the rear seat is put back to the original position, seat belt buckle (B) is wedged between the seat and the floor and will become damaged.