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    ....I'll ask anyway! :Smile:

    Whilst I have a friend who has owned many Accords, I'm quite a new enthusiast of the model, and new to this forum....I've been poking about, looking at the sections for the different generations of Accord, and I'm sure there is one missing! Wasn't there an Accord that shared it's platform with the Rover 600, and was made in the U.K?

    My boss had one....I'm pretty sure it must have hailed from around the dates listed for the 5th Generation on here....Seem to recall it was quite a nice car, is that model not catered for on here?

    Doesn't affect me, but just curious! :Blushing:
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    Yep the 5th Generation shared many components with the Rover 600, as Rover and Honda were well into their joint venture at that point. There is a 5th Generation section, its together with the 6th Generation.

    The Rover 600 was the prettier version in my opinion, but not as well made or reliable.
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    But the 5th Generation pictured at the head of the forum is not this model?

    Was there a domestic market 5th Generation AND a European market one simultaneously?
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    Ahh....All becomes clear....Isn't the internet (Sometimes) a marvellous thing? Whatever you need to know, just a click away....Fantastic really, if you think about it!

    Thanks for clearing that up! :Wink:
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    My father-in-law has a 600 it was really reliable shame the rust got hold of it ..