Suspension, Steering and Brakes Problem with brakes. Vacuum pump?

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    Was hoping someone can advise.
    I have 06 pre-facelift model 2.2 I-CTDI.
    Recently i've been having problems with the brakes.
    The pedal seems to be harder than normal and brakes are are sluggish to slow and stop the car.
    It seems to be worse at different times but not predictable in any way.
    I thought it was possibly the vacuum pump. I tested the suction from the pipe and there definitely is some suction from it. Im not sure how much there should be.
    Would a faulty vacuum pump account for these 'symptoms' i.e. Intermittent/varying degrees of poor braking?
    Is the vacuum pump problematic in thia model?
    Could there be something else i'm not considering?
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    I believe you're pointing in the right direction.
    But consider the whole brake system: last fluid change, brake pads, discs. What is the service history?
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    I-DSL. Thanks for your reply
    I have checked the pads, and fluid levels. And they seem fine. Although i havnt changed brake fluid. Could this be a problem. I've also checked the discs, and they arn't fantastic but i'm convinced they should do for a few more thousand miles anyway. Would worn dics give the altered feeling at the pedal, and intermittent at that? The service history has been carried out by my mate who is an independant mecahnic (not honda). And iv recently moved so he can't have a look for me.
    Sorry about thr poor detail, but im not a mechanic or anything close to it but would live to be able to learn a bit about my own cars maintenance.
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    Old brake fluid contains a few % water (that's normal) and finally your internal brake system (pistons, caliper, sealings) will get corroded and you face the risk of 'fading' brakes (pushing through the pedal because the water starts boiling).
    A good brake fluid level says nothing about the age of the fluid. Brake fluid lasts only a few years, independent of mileage (refer to your manual on when to change), as it's hydrofobic ('loves' to see water and contains it).
    If yours is a 2006 and you have no clue if the brake fluid has ever been changed: have this carried out ASAP, independent of the problem you face now.
    A not well maintained brake system is dangerous. Old brake fluid itself will initially not create what you feel now, but the whole system will not last that long (because of the internal corrosion).