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    Hey guys new here. I have a 94 accord and it has problems starting it only usually does it first thing as in the morning the rest of the day is fine. I've had diagnostics done starter and alternator are good I have a friend that says its a distributor cap if so is that hard to replace and how much do they run?
  2. Hi and welcome distributor cap is cheap to buy and not difficult to replace if you decide to do that it might be worth changing the rotor arm at the same time.
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    If you do change the cap just do one lead at a time. Sounds obvious, but you'll be amazed how many people just pull the leads off and then don't know where they go,
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    It could be damp inside the distributor cap.
  5. Yep if it is the distributor it can be damp or maybe a crack or worn contacts
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    Hopefully, this video will help you if you decide to do-it-yourself repair.

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