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    Hi all I have a 2007 Accord cdti I have got a whiring whooshing noise coming from the chain area when you Rev the engine I have removed the aux belt noise still there have changed aux belt and tensioner for new short one have changed chain and all guides and tensioners but noise still there have checked the turbo all fine has anyone any suggestions please.
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    Hi Bert, sorry no one has replied to your post. It's somehow escaped everyone's attention.

    I'm not so hot on diesels, hopefully this bump to the post will help bring your thread some more attention.

    @Ichiban, @Beefy any thoughts on @Bert issue ?
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    Is it when the revs increase or decrease or both?
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    if the noise is still there without the aux belt it could be timing chain noise, you will have ruled out the rest of the aux belt components. hard to say with these things until you actualy listen to the problem. but turbo whoosh is a very specific noise and so is the timing chain. timing chain noise is as bad at idle as being revved. rather than scareing yourself or just guessing why don't you ask the opinion of a Honda garage? you may be able to negotiate a small fee for the simple removing of the aux belt to rule out your worst fears. your not a million miles away from holdcroft honda and were a lot more reasonable to Honda owners as most others as many can testify too. why not give holdcroft Honda a call and speak to service about your problem.
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    That's sound advice from @Beefy, and worth a trip to HH. :Thumbup:
    They won't rip you off. May try to sell you a car though, but hey, it doesn't hurt to look. :Grin:
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    You may look at it and think of course beefy would say go to a main dealer. I do bang on about most posts but there is a reason. Nobody knows your car better than a honda dealer. I've known of many horror stories of people who have spent thousands chasing a problem to only give up and have a honda professional fix there car in the end anyway! We know how the timing chain should sound and what a worn chain sounds like. If you ask a garage or joe blogs who hasn't encountered this problem before you could end up with a hefty bill for work that's not needed.
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    What I really like about @Beefy responding to these posts is that he is not trying to drum up business - he is a technician, he is here to offer his professional opinion based on thousands of pounds worth of official dealership training and expertise.
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    ^^Just to back this up with a recent (non-Honda) example.

    My sister's '05 Skoda Octavia broke down a few weeks ago. The AA took it to a local (non-franchise) garage, who said the problem was so serious it would cost more to fix the car than it was worth. They advised her to scrap it.

    Understandably seeking a second opinion, she got the AA to pick it up & take it to the local franchised Skoda dealer. One very small fix later, costing £57 total (!!!!) the car was running perfectly, and also got a full valet. She won't be going anywhere else from now on, that's for sure.
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    If anyone thinks that @Beefy will gain anything financially by these comments, they're barking mad. I have read every post he has made on this site and have found him to be one of the most sensible and helpful members. I agree completely that the dealership is the best place to go for these problems. Get it fixed once. Get it fixed right.
    I also agree that not all dealerships offer the same service. I am very protective about who does any work on my cars. I would put HH in a very select group that I would use.
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