Bulletins & Advisories Product Update: Civic Coolant Contamination-2011 Year Model

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    Honda have issued a Product Update for All MY* 2011 Civic models FN1,FN4, FK1,FK2 & FK3 MY* Model Year, This prodcut update in under TSB #SO-02-002-00 dated 30-06-14.

    The Symptoms
    The performance of the cabin heater is poor and the customer may notice a difference in outlet temperature from left to right sides.
    GG4, GG5, GG6 12 HK Product Update Jazz Coolant Contamination 1.PNG

    The Cause
    The heater core was blocked with contamination which led to poor heater performance. The contamination was caused by a faulty water softener within the factory, which supplied the coolant filling machine with water contaminated with chloride. This results in a level of internal surface corrosion developing in the cooling system. The resulting corrosion blocks the heater core.
    GG4, GG5, GG6 12 HK Product Update Jazz Coolant Contamination 2.PNG
    Countermeasure at factory (Swindon)
    A reverse Osmosis unit has been fitted after the water softener process. In addition, conductivity sensors have been fitted which will detect a rise in chloride and shut off the water supply should equipment failure occur.

    Application to Production Line
    SHHFK1***BU012397 Europe
    SHHFK2***BU013381 Europe
    SHHFK3***BU003402 Europe
    SHHFK3***BU100220 South Africa
    SHHFN1***BU001421 Europe
    SHHFN4***BU003672 Europe
    For affected vehicles please contact your nearest Honda dealer.

    The Repair method.

    First Remove Remove the thermostat cover and check for corrosion (see pic).
    GG4, GG5, GG6 12 HK Product Update Jazz Coolant Contamination 3.PNG
    Then thoroughly flush the entire system of this contaminated coolant the procedure is quite detailed and elaborate.
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    Looks like honda is keeping me busy! Have to take the dash out complete to replace the heater core. Hoping the majority just need a flush.
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