Bulletins & Advisories Product Update: Incorrect Owners Manual Supplied with Cars

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    Honda have issued a TSB for all FK1, FK2, FK3 hatchbacks and Tourer made in 2014 for the following Product Update.

    Background Information
    The Owners Manual supplied in certain 2014 year model Civic is missing the Driver Assistance Safety Pack (DASP) information.
    The cause of this issue is due to an administration error when the vehicle was shipped from the Factory.

    The missing DASP information should include the following driver system information:
    1. LDW - Lane Departure Warning
    2. CTBA - City Brake Active
    3. CTM - Cross Traffic Monitor
    4. BSI - Blind Spot Indication
    5. TSR - Traffic Sign Recognition
    6. FCW - Forward Collision Warning
    To comply with legal requirements, the driver must have the DASP information included in the Owners Manual in order to operate their vehicle safely.

    Note: The DASP package is only available on some grades.

    For more information please look at this Technical Overview: Driver Assistance Safety Pack (DASP)

    The Fix
    Supply the correct Owners Manual at time of shipping from the factory.

    Dealer to Reslove
    Supply the correct Owners Manual to customers who have already taken delivery of their new vehicle and exchange the owners manuals in dealer stock vehicles prior to sale.

    Owners Manual Identification
    A correct / incorrect Owners Manual can be identified by refering to the part number on the back page as shown below.
    • Owners Manual with No DASP Content (numbers ending 620)

    Owners Manual with DASP Content (numbers ending 621)

    Owners Manual Replacement Process

    1. Customer Sold Vehicles - Honda (UK) will send customers with affected vehicles a new Owners Manual. The customer should then dispose of the old

    2. Dealer Stock Vehicles - Replace the Owners Manual with the correct manual. In this case the new owners manual can be ordered via a normal parts
    order, see parts information for part numbers.

    Note: Incorrect Owners Manuals should be destroyed to prevent them from being accidentally supplied to another DASP equipped vehicle.

    Parts Information
    Customers who have already taken delivery of an affected vehicle will be sent the correct owners manual.Should you require an Owners Manual for a dealer stock vehicle, it can be obtained via the normal parts ordering process. Part number for English manual: 32TV0621

    The correct owners manual will be supplied as shown below.
    English example shown