Bulletins & Advisories Product Update- Spark Plug Replacement on Honda S2000 00~02YM

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    Honda issued the follwing TSB#HUK000000000033 dated 20-03-2003 for all AP1 for model years 2000,2001 & 2002.MY00,MY01 & MY01.

    Honda Motor Company Ltd. has determined it is necessary to conduct a Product Update to rectify a potential concern with the spark plugs on certain Honda S2000 engines.

    The engine misfires, lacks power, or the MIL comes on with DTC 73.

    The spark plug loosens from its seat.

    The spark plug gasket material has been changed.

    Application to Production Line


    Affected VIN Range
    ***AP1130Y*000001 - ***AP1130Y*999999
    ***AP11301*000001 - ***AP11301*999999
    ***AP11302T000001 - ***AP11302T202080
    Corrective Action
    Replace the spark plugs as described in Repair Method

    Market Treatment
    All owners of vehicles within the affected VIN range will receive a notification letter from Honda (UK). To ensure no
    inconvenience to our customers Honda (UK) has instigated a call centre as an alternative customer contact. All
    affected vehicles will be repaired free of charge to the customer.

    Repair Method
    Before commencing the repair, check the VIN of the car. For VINs up to and including JHMAP11302T201493, refer to bulletin Product Update- Oil Jet Bolt Replacement on Honda S2000, 00~02YM for the repair. For VINs between JHMAP11302T201493 and JHMAP11302T202081 carryout repair as detailed below.
    NOTE: If not substantiated by a customer letter, please check if the vehicle is affected by referring to the Honda Recall & Product Update Campaign Management System on the Honda Intranet.
    1. Remove the ignition coil cover, ignition coils and spark plugs. Refer to Shop manual 62S2A00 page 4-25 and 4-26.

    2. Install the new spark plugs and torque them to 25Nm.

    3. Reinstall all parts in reverse order.

    4. Insert the new stickers into the Owner’s Manual.
    AP1 SP1.
    5. Punch a completion mark above the 6th digit of the VIN on the bulkhead as shown :
    AP1 SP2.
    Parts Information

    Spark plug 06122-PCX-306
    (kit contains 4 spark plugs + Owner’s Manual sticker)

    Sample Customer Letter Text
    11th September 2002 Direct dial number:
    Private and Confidential Reference:
    Customer Name
    Address line 1
    Address line 2
    Address line 3
    Address line 4
    Dear Customer
    Honda Motor Company Ltd has determined that it is necessary to conduct a Product Update on certain Honda S2000 vehicles. In a small number of cases, we have discovered that certain spark plugs may become loose in their housings; this could cause the engine to misfire, with a subsequent reduction in power. Therefore, we would like to fit improved spark plugs to ensure optimal engine performance. Whilst it is necessary to conduct this Product Update, please rest assured that this is not safety related. However, we want to ensure that this situation is resolved for you as quickly as possible, with the minimum of inconvenience.

    According to our records, your vehicle falls within the range of vehicles which will benefit from this Product Update. Therefore, may we politely request that you contact the Aftersales Department at your local Authorised Honda Dealer or alternatively the dedicated customer helpline (whichever is most convenient for you), to arrange an appointment to carry out the required work.Should you require details of your local Authorised Honda Dealer or have any questions regarding this Product Update, our customer helpline number is 01189 458447, which will be available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. If you
    no longer own the vehicle, may we politely request that you complete the “Change of Details” section below, and return it to the FREEPOST address enclosed. This will ensure that our records are correct. On a more positive note, S2000 continues to win various accolades in the motoring press, coming first in its category in the 2002 “International Engine of the Year Awards” for best engine performance. Our priority is continued satisfaction with your vehicle. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

    Yours sincerely
    Honda (UK)
    Steve Oliver
    Head of Customer Department

    Sample Questions and Answers

    Q. Why do the spark plugs need replacing?
    A. It has been found that the spark plug sealing may deteriorate with age resulting in a slight loss of cylinder compression.
    Q. Could I damage the engine if I continue to drive the car?
    A. There is a possibility that eventually the spark plug may fail, this could cause serious engine misfire and difficulty in starting. For this reason we recommend that the spark plugs are replaced as soon as possible.
    Q. Will this mean the spark plugs requiring changing more regularly?
    A. No, the service interval change remains at 60,000 miles/ 72 months.