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    been a while since i posted on here, i have two current projects, both 2004 CL7 and my 2003 CM2 (i love Accords) my CL7 has had quite a lot of work done and is my main project, my CM2 is my work horse but has had alot of donor parts from my CL7 and (i think) is starting to look really good, ill list both specs below and update as i do anything else..
    CL7..owned from standard 2 1/2 years
    Ultralite gt2 alloy wheels
    Hsd coilovers
    Skunk2 camber arms
    Skunk 2 catback dual exhaust system
    Full euro r kit
    Custom mugen spoiler
    Mugen grill
    Euro r recaro seats on custom rails
    CT engineering airbox
    Full respray in white
    Arches rolled and pulled
    Plus anything I've forgot lol
    CM2...owned from standard (and was in a mess) 3 months
    Apexi lowering springs
    Front splitter
    Type-S front grill
    Bumper smoothed
    Volk te37 in mag blue
    Custom cat back exhaust
    K&N panel filter
    Fitted window shades

    Ill keep this updated,hope to see some of you at shows

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    Beautiful machines you have got there.. Love the fact that you have tweaked the styling and not gone overboard with it.. can't make up my mind which one I like better though :Grin:
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    Thanks, ill add them to the garage when i get chance after work later. I love them both but in person my saloon is faultless (in my opinion-and others) and had s lot of time and attention paid to the detail and my tourer is a nice daily but not had the same level of detail but it was purchased cheap and in a mess so im happy that a few months hard work (and a lot of parts i had spare from my saloon) have made it a lovely daily family chariot And it means i don't have to borrow my wifes Civic all the time when im going near speed bumps now