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    Is it possible to change the colour on the headlights.. i know its a projector headlamp.. i like the look of the new ones..with a blue tint..
    can i change my 04 Accords to look similar..
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    I take it you mean by fitting a HID kit, those come with bulb options to choose from that can easily give you the blue light output you're after
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    I am.not quite sure.. on the 04 accord the normal headlight is this Dome kinda set up, and I am guessing that's called the projector head lamps.. does normal bulbs go in it or do u replace the full dome.. I.havt seen.one taking apart..no idea how it works..if its a normal bulb that goes inside the dome, a HID kit should.do it or just lightly tinted bulb...rite..??
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    Its just a normal h1 fitment, you can get tinted h1 or HID kit (6k for blue-ish) which is the real thing. don't know the implications on the new MOT rules but you can swap them for standard easily.
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    Yep think Salim is correct. I have just done my bulbs and replaced with H1 but brighter bulbs. You can get the HID kit and they are cheap from the likes of EBay but don't get the DC kits which are not so good to be honest, get the AC.

    As for the law, I was told they won't fail an MOT and indeed mine on my wifes old VDub didn't however EU law states you must have - to go with your HID Lamps automatic leveling headlights (not the manual leveling that you have in the car on the dash) and headlamp washers. I checked this with Plod who lives next door and is a traffic cop and he says that is correct and although you would be unlikly to be pulled up by him at least, unless they caused undue glare it may have impact on things like insurance as they would technically not be compliant.

    You can check that for yourself but I suspect he is correct (he normaly is).

    Good luck
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    ok..i think i will start with the normal H1 bulb replacement.. and then get a HID kit on a later date..
    i have this thing on my front bumper (like a cap for the washer), like the head light washer thing...but i don't know where the switch is to operate the thing.. :Smile: or i don't know its just an option that i can get later..
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    Have you got the Executive? I am new to the Accords only having had mine for just over 3 weeks now but I think the Exec has headlamp washer as standard and the Sport were an option?

    I fitted the Ring H1 120% Brighter bulbs and I think they are superb, much more light, whiter and much better beam pattern! I drive a fair bit at night and the improvement is astonishing - so far they have been fine. I have had Osram in the past (Nightbreakers) and also the Philips extreme but they are not as good as these Ring bulbs, not had any problems with either of these but I know some people dislike the Osram as they used to go pop! quite quickly (mine lasted a few years). Cost £16 on EBay for the Ring.

    I have an HID kit if you want it - dead easy to fit it is AC but will need H1 bulbs. If you fitted the 6000k tempreture bulbs they would give the Blue your looking for but you will loose light, 8000k are alot more Blue and in my view give very poor "on the road" lighting my brother fitted 8k in his Skoda but has now changed to the 4300k as much much more light.

    This kit would not be legal but is the normal conversion kit you would need for a non HID headlight on our cars. It is the one from my wifes Passat works just fine and as its AC has no flicker and won't burn out the bulbs.

    I have fitted the ring bulbs in her car to now. It is free (just give me a couple of quid for the postage) if you want it, as I said just need to get the bulbs but they are not expensive. I have a relay harness as well but it has been extended as the VW battery was miles from the lights. This will allow you to power the lights from main power source rather than the cars existing lighting wiring.

    don't buy the H1 bulbs with the blue glass they are pants in my view. And stay away from Halfords! prices are a ripoff.

    Take it easy..:Smile:
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    In fact if anyone wants this kit just let me know. It is FREE just pay me the postage or you can pick it up I don't mind. I work most of the time just off J15 M1 Northampton.. Has H7 bulbs but they are 6k and won't fit the accord that I know of. All boxed all working. :Smile:

    Happy days!
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    Me me me..:Smile:
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    Mine is EX version... But just can't figure out where that button.is to operate the washer...:Messed:
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    No prob message me your details and I will post on I will check out the cost but can't be much. Your headlight washers will pop up when you wash your screen with your lights on.. Or at least thats what mine do...
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    Ahhaaa.. tricky...I need to check this out...thanx for ur help bud.. :Grin:
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    Mine too, just wash the screen with lights on. I can notice the difference in spray pattern between lights on and off must be single pump!

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    If you still want this HID kit message me your name and address again I have lost it !

    Postage is £4. (don't have paypal use the wifes) by Royal mail and as agreed the kit is free :Smile:

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    Just PMe'd you bud