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    Hi all

    I'm after some tourer Type-S 2008 on preferably projectors for my retrofit.
    I believe any tourer with HID will be fine.

    CL7 and CL9 will do the job too

    Let me know what you have

    Oh and I would need shipping to Australia :Smile:
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    Hi mate,
    What car and lights do you have?
    And what is the purpose of the retrofit. Why a typeS ? Only difference is the orange blinkers, right?
    Your question confuses me, because all Accords from 2008 onwards have projector lenses (with or without HID).
    And: why do you ask for a Tourer? 4D has same headlights.

    I retrofitted my CU1 with HID by simply changing the bulbs. I do not have the auto level and no washers. But retrofitting those is another story.

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  3. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    Car has halogen projectors with h1 bulbs, if I simply put HID it projects bulb return wire in front of car , due to design the HID bulbs cannot be installed properly.

    Only way to get proper his without blinding oncoming traffic is to use HID projector which changes bulbs to d2s and tourer as far I was able to find has these.

    Since I'm in Australia we drive on same side as you so options are UK or Japan , tsx in USA uses this projector and i can find plenty but cut off is for wrong side

    - - - Updated - - -

    That retrofit you done is great, would you be able to tell me is your globe return wire at bottom or top?

    I have done same like you and I had issues with return wire being projected on ground.

    Any pics of your headlights? I assume cu1 is same headlights as cu2 from what I can see.
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    FYI: we drive at right hand side of the road in Belgium:Smile:.
    But now I think I understand what you mean with 'bulb return wire projected in front of the car'. I had been wondering since the beginning what that narrow triangle was on the floor before my car!! But it doesn't bother: it's really narrow and it's indeed on the bottom.
    Let me correct something: if you want proper, good HID without blinding, you need to have the auto levelling. And indeed, than a first step is the original HID headlights. Thought about that also, but there's a downside: you need on top of that the wiring that comes with it (to power the level motor, sensors for car level) and the software. Your (and mine) do not have the software build in to steer the auto levelling.
    But: imagine you go for the original HID headlights without updating all the rest, than you even lose the ability to make any adjustment at all, so I would not recommend this. My headlights are well alligned and comparable with the original ones. Never has any other car flashed at me for blinding or so. Or no remarks on that from friends, family, etc...
    All European Accords have the same type of headlights (till YM2011 onwards, facelift), Tourer, 4D, TypeS (but that one has white blinkers as only difference), CU1,2.. and the rest.
    You can see my headlights by clicking on 'vehicles' at left hand side under I-DSI, it will show you 5 pictures. But nothing special to my headlights.
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    Hey mate :Hey:and welcome. Correct me if I am wrong you have a 2008 CU2 with H1 halogen bulbs

    You just want to use the existing lamp just swap out the low beam to a HID projector lense from a CL7 and CL9 or even CU series?
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    Thank you :Smile: yes I done comparison to HID and halogen and projectors will bolt on . will post pics tonight. It will not have auto level but I can compensate by aiming lights slightly lower, plus I'm I'm correct I will be able to use manual adjuster that is on halogen projectors as plug for this is same.

    Oh and I have 2010 cu2 with halogen projectors.
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    Hi 08r3308,
    The attachements don't work.
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    You need to go into advanced mode and use the attachments button.
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    IMG_20130329_172836. TSX-D2S-H1-Projector-comparison.
    Hope it works now :Smile:
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    Hello 08r3308, did you asked to me a few weeks ago about my projectors on hidplanet?
  13. boki_cu2 Premium Member Club Supporter

    Hi Mr, sure did :Smile: looks like I don't have much choice.
    If I use your set and halogen shields will the output be that bad?
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    I think your best approach will be making a custom shield to your halogen projectors, hidp has a lot of info to do it, but you will need time and pacience.