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    I hate BMWs as much as everyone else does however I have to give their marketing department full marks for this. I remember seeing these when I was at uni, they are basically a set of 8 short action videos released in early 2000s advertising the cars they had for sale at the time so you have things like the M3, 7 series, Z3 etc.

    They are actually pretty good and come with a decent cast as well. The main actor is Clive Owen, and guest stars such as big names like Forest Whitaker and a few others who names evade me at present and also directed by John Woo who is one of the biggest action producers of some really good movies.

    Lexus do a set of videos advertising their cars under the title "Shut up and drive" as well, however they are nowhere near as good and the last thing they do is actually stay quiet and talk constantly.

    I hate BMWs, but fair play to them for releasing these. The first one is my favourite one.

    The last video is rather corny in its ending and he somehow manages to cover 27 miles in 90 odd seconds on a reserve tank of fuel. Even back then BMW was doing dodgy fuel emission readings I guess. :Whistle:

    I would love to see Honda do some cool videos - just like the cogs advert etc.
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    I prefer Honda promos for obvious reasons

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