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    Pretty much the only thing I miss from the 407 is the puddle lights - just bought these red LED strips and my plan is basically to stick them to the bottom of the door cards and steal power from the electric window live. I'm guessing the door switch is inside the door, actuated by the hinge... Any pointers at this stage would be great as I've not had the door card off yet.

    These are coming from HK so will be a couple of weeks probably.

  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    This may not be the correct model.
    Just go to 'Cars' and then 'Car Parts' to find the right drawings for your vehicle.
    Doesn't tell you the removal process, but at least shows what's there.

    Lings Honda
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    Thanks :Smile: that's now in my favourites!
    This could turn out to be difficult if the elec window live shuts off when the ign is off. Might have a look with the multimeter tomorrow
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    Had a look. The switch is not in the door, but on the outside of the pilar.

    Good found a 12v permanent tho so that's good news. I'm gonna have to buy a small pull switch and use that on the door card I think.

    I could write up a guide when it's all done?
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Glad you're making progress.
    Guides are good as they can help others.
    If you put your vehicle in the 'Club Garage' the work you do can be linked in.
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    Yes, please do create a guide. Aslo as Nels suggests, if you create an entry in the "Club Garage" you can link any work you with to the club garage :Smile:
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    I will when I get all the bits. Gonna use these switches. I know a lot of people wouldn't settle for that and would route the wiring to the original door switch on the pillar...
    For me I'm finding a balance between effort / awesomeness.

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    I was feeling very pleased with myself... Got the switch and wiring all sorted on the drivers door just waiting for the LEDs to arrive.... So I start having a look at the rear doors. No permanent live in that door, only switched.
    This is not ideal.

    I really don't want to rip the car apart, so I've been looking at 12v lithium ion batteries on a popular auction site for about £7.
    Naturally me being a cowboy these would fit nicely in the door pockets or I could put them behind the door card. They would last for ages probably about 3 months between charges.

    If I do get the time or motivation to do this properly through the door pillars, the batteries will come in handy for other things.

    My question now is would it be ok to have the negative from the li-ion battery earthing to the chassis through my added door switch, or would I have to block off the earth connection?

    I'm guessing it would be ok...?
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    I did this mod a while ago. Luckily I did have power which made it easy. They one led eventually fell off as it was stuck on top of some 3d vinyl at the time so I took them all off until I could do the mod properly.



    I do fancy these though instead


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