"Quality" Northumbrian Roads

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    Obviously Robson Green won't be documenting this on "Further Tales From Northumberland"....

    Proper wheel/tyre/drop link wrecker! :shock:

    To be fair Northumberland County Council have a good online reporting system - click on the point on the road in question on the map and that's it reported.

    Let's see what their repair and update progress is like.

    In a way they've got a rather endless and thankless task.

    One of (if not the) longest road networks in the country to maintain and most of it is their responsibility - no Highways Agency maintained motorways here only the single carriageway country lane that passes for the A1 is their remit in North Northumberland.

    Add that to the fact that the wonderful and woefully outdated Barnett Formula means we get naff all divided by six in terms of central government funding and is it any wonder the roads are like this?

    That brings this party political broadcast by the People's Independent Kingdom of Northumbria to an end. :Rolf:


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    Move Northumbria down south you will get better service, its is quite frankly its always been the north and south divide. Northern power house huff that will never happen.
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    Northumbria has roads?

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    The Northern Power house is just the usual spin and nonsense. Nothing will come of it other than a massive bill for the good old British tax payer.

    Can't move Northumberland down south cos then I would have to try and come to terms with being Southern which I don't think is even possible :Wink: - :sorry: @FirstHonda

    Yes we have just. Need to bring General Wade back to life to get some more modern ones built again.

    We've also got electric as well believe it or not. I remember getting asked that in a pub in Basildon one time when I was getting used to drinking southern beer :lol:
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    Might as well be Roman roads @vincemince

    Here's a shot of our lovely modern A1:


    Narrow single carriageway with staggered tee junctions!

    You wouldn't get away with that anywhere else!

    Their shiny reasonably new A1M in North Yorkshire wasn't good enough so they're getting another new A1M!

    Imagine fobbing them off with what we've got! Retaining their exiting A1M could've freed up funds to at least continually dual the A1 in Northumberland.

    Yes the standard counter argument is population levels but let's not forget this is part of the link between two capital cities.

    David Cameron has toured it at length last spring and the new Conservative MP for Berwick is fully supporting dualling of the A1 up here but we've heard all of this before.
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    What you need is a by - election
    Ref : Humber bridge scenario 1966
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    We have a dirt track which goes from north to south.
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    ^^ I think they'll have to do something to re-balance Britain economically - not just the North, but Wales and the South-West too.

    While it's good news that London remains one of the great cities in the world, having so much of the national wealth and economic activity based in one part of the country isn't healthy in the long term as it further divides an already divided nation.

    Personally I think there needs to be a stop to house building in the South-East, with big projects in other areas where there is more space with incentives for companies to move to those areas to provide employment. Until that happens, people will understandably continue to flock to the South-East as that is where the jobs and opportunities are at the moment.

    Mind you, the Northern Powerhouse won't all be good news...:Laughing:

    Manchester-Leeds link to disprove ‘light at end of tunnel’ theory
  10. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Hmmm. I'll have to keep an eye on this thread as I may just have to start a 'North vs. South, ding, ding round 2' :Whistle:
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