Engine & Gearbox Question on DPF Regen

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by bigroncoleman, Monday 20th Jan, 2014.

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    Hi all

    Have never had an issue with the light coming on and this post is not because the light came on but two random questions:

    1. If the car was doing a DPF regen - would there be any kind of noticeable smell outside the car? A kind of burning type smell? :Blushing:
    2. When the car is doing a DPF regen - would you see it lower the MPG during the regen cycle? Every once in a while, i would notice the real time MPG is lower than i would expect and even if i try, the MPG stays lower for a few mile/minutes.

    The main motive behind my questions is because getting out the car this morning (after driving to work ~25miles) i noticed a burning type smell, fairly strong smell, worryingly if i was to classify it, it smelt a bit like the clutch :Frown: I had just reversed into a parking space prior to shutting the car off. I've not had any problems with the clutch and it's not slipping or anything but i'm freaking a bit this morning after smelling!


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    Hi bigron,

    1 question yes its stinks its awful when the car is naturally regenerating or if its forced , for me the smell it it just reinforces my hatred towards diesels. Was there any warning on the dash?
    2 yes you will see that fluctuating fuel efficiency in this period.
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    Hi mate

    Thanks for your reply. No, no warning light on the dash. I'm fairly high mileage user so see myself as less like to have DPF issues.

    That's re-assuring Re the smell, i was totally crapping myself as i feared it might be the clutch as the smell was similar so hopefully it was the DPF i was smelling this morning as i'd be gutted to have a clutch issue, the car has just turned 70K.