Pre-Facelift Model Questions From Possible Accord Owner

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    I am giving serious consideration to the purchase of 2005 Honda Accord 2.0 automatic, but do have some questions to ask.

    (1) Do these have a timing belt or chain, and what mileage/years do these require replacement at

    (2) Do Accords come with space saver spare wheel or tyre repair kit? If the latter is there space under the boot carpet for a full size spare

    (3) What the MPG like on these.

    (4) Is there anything in particular to look out for on these.

    That all the questions I can think of for the time being.

    Many thanks.
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    Re: Questions From Probale Accord Owner

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Questions From Probale Accord Owner

    Many thanks,

    (1)With regards to full size spare is there a space under the boot carpet for it, or will it have to rest on the boot floor?
    (2) Is there a pdf of owners handbook available on this site?
    (3) Do the automatic gear box cause any problems

    Many thanks.
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    Re: Questions From Probale Accord Owner

    No problem at all.

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    Re: Questions From Probale Accord Owner

    Thanks for the response.

    @ everyone has any one purchased a spare wheel for an accord from Honda and if so what what was the cost ?

    How often does the ATF need to be changed ?

    I'v seen there's a service schedule for the diesel on this site could someone post one up for the petrol models as I would want to check that things had been done at the correct mileage/age.

    What are tyre like to toe with we will only be towing a 500 kg trailer tent.

    Many thanks
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    I bought space saver wheel from Honda and paid 160£.
  7. If you want a full size spare try a breakers on ebay

    Honda say change ATF every 45000 miles or 5 years but personally I would ignore that and change it more often say 20-25k. With an auto you don't completely drain it, you take some out but some stays in and mixes with the new stuff, so you have to do it 2 or 3 times to get it really clean.
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    I thought all 7th gens came with a spare wheel and it was just the 8th gens that came with the tyre weld. Was it seriously an optional extra?!:Aghast:
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    Thanks TBH I want a full size spare as we will be towing with the accord and some space savers cannot be used when towing
  10. honacc Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    If they come with a full size spare then that is excellent.
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    Thanks for the info, the car we are interested in comes with Honda main dealer servicing but if purchased I would intend to take to an independent Honda expert. What's the cost of replacing the ATF oil?
  12. Depends on the garage I guess. £50-100 maybe?
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    Every Accord I ever had came with either a full spare wheel or as in the case with my current one a space saver.
  14. Jon_G Guest

    My 2005 7th Generation tourer came with no spare wheel, just the horrible bottle of latex and an air pump I guess a wheel (probably a space-saver?) may have been an option, but the owners manual does have a section explaining the 'advantages' of not having one!!!

    When you remove the moulding under the trapdoor which holds the latex/pump/etc, then there is room to fit a standard wheel (and there was even a jack under there). All that's missing is the bolt to hold the wheel in place. I bought a standard 16" wheel from an eBay seller that matched my others and fitted it without the bolt - no problem.

    But make sure you get the correct wheel - some (Civic?) wheels look very similar, but have a different offset.
  15. Yes a 16" will go just...I doubt a 17 or 18 will though.
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    Thanks, spoke to a Honda dealer they said they came with space and no where to put full size spare apart from on the boot floor, this nearly ruled the accord out :Aghast:before I read your post:Thumbup:.
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    Apparently the car has 15" wheels:Smile:
  18. Jon_G Guest

    I'm pretty sure that's not standard... but a 15" spare wheel would obviously fit.
  19. Is it a tourer or a saloon?
  20. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Guys just for clarity,

    the 2.0 CL7 & CM2 had 280mm front disc so 15,16,17 inch rims can be used. A 15 inch rim will not fit a CL9 due to the 300 mm front discs, so don't use a 15 inch alloy on a CL9 CM2,CN1 or CN2 . If you have a rear punter it will work not the fronts.:Wink:

    You can fit a full size 15 ,16 and just fit a 17 inch alloy in the wheel recess , it is a tight squeeze but possible