Autocar Quick news: Zenos E10 for Autosport launch, Mercedes S-class production

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    181213autosport. The Zenos E10 sports car will make its debut at the Autosport International show in January, while Mercedes adds extra working hours to its factories to keep up with S-class demand The Zenos E10 sports car will launch at the Autosport International show in January. The car, which weighs 650kg and is powered by a 2.0-litre Ford engine producing 200bhp, can reach 60mph in under five seconds. The E10 will enter production in late 2014.
    The Honda Civic Tourer will be available with an optional Driver Assistance Safety Pack from 2014. Costing £780, the eight included systems aim to help avoid a collision or, when an accident is unavoidable, reduce the impact. It includes an automated city braking system, a collision warning system, automatic headlight dipping and traffic sign recognition.
    The Volkswagen e-Up is now available from £199 a month. The PCP deal from Volkswagen Finance is based on a three-year plan with a 10,000-mile annual limit. The monthly figure is based on a £7058 deposit, after the £5000 government grant for electric cars has been added. The plan includes an ‘opt-out’ option – if after 12 months the customer isn’t getting along with the electric car, they can hand it back. First deliveries are expected in January.
    Mercedes-Benz has increased the working hours at its Sindelfingen plant to keep up with demand for the new S-class. Workers at the site will work an average of 74 minutes longer per day in 2014. Mercedes had already increased working hours by 30 minutes per day.
    Jaguar will offer more R Sport trims after the success of a test launch on selected XF models this summer. R Sport is Jaguar's answer to BMW's M Sport, bringing R-style styling upgrades and dynamic tweaks to more humble models.
    Aston Martin is launching in Mexico with a new dedicated showroom. The move marks Aston's first entry into the country, with the new Mexico City-based dealership offering new models to customers as well as servicing. Aston Martin currently has 41 dealerships across the Americas.