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    I am getting ready to buy new tires for my Honda Accord Tourer. Right now, I have Michelin tires. I've found the ride to be a bit loud. Can anyone recommend good tires to help with sound reduction?
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    Good quiet tyres usually mean softer compound. On a big car like an accord that means they will wear quicker, have you considered that?

    I noticed the toyo proxes i have now are a lot more quiet than the continentals I had before, but they are wearing fast!
  3. I recently fitted Yokohamas and they have transformed the car.
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    Agree on Yokohama,my previous tyres were Yokohama Advan sport and they were brilliant.Recently I fitted Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta and they are bit more noisy then what I was expecting.
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    I have loved Yokohama for years and years and it is the tyre which I naturally go for ,but on my 7th Generation I had to go for Michelin pilot sports they are quite ,great grip in all surfaces ( winter no feedback as if yet) . The only negative I find is the rubber compound being soft they are wearing at super fast rate.If Yokohama had not withdrawn the tyre I wanted I would have bought them again. Won't be buying michellin again just for the wear rate . Next time I will pay over the odds for the advans . You get what you pay for :Smile:

    On my 8h gen I have Yokohama and they are brilliant and will be sticking for them until they are withdrawn.
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    Noisy tyres are a big tur off for me no matter how good the tyres are .. Thanks for the tip bud.
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    Thanks for all of the responses! Sounds like Yokohama is the way to go. I've seen the brand name before, but never had any personal experience with them.
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    I got 38000 miles out of my front Yokahamas before I had to change them. The rears are still going after 40000 miles. I don't think thats too bad as with the soft compound they will stop on a sixpence and climb a vertical wall if asked...
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    When my 7th Generation needed new tyres, I replaced the Yokohamas it came with with Continental Sport Contact on the advice of my Honda dealer as the car did "tram line" on the Yokohamas. The Continentals solved this problem. Apparently it's common if you put 17 in wheels on instead of the standard 16ins?? They were hopless in the snow however but could this be because I has the SE, hence no VSA?

    However, the standard Yokohamas that came on my 8th Generation were great tyres, even in the snow (for a non-winter tyre anyway but this is an EX so I'm wondering if the VSA makes the difference?) so I replaced them with the same. They seem to be a reasonably quiet tyre and last 20,000 if you get them rotated evey time the car is serviced, but they will be well worn by 20,000. They were about the cheapest "branded" tyre they could get as well.
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    I have Yokohama DB E70 on my new Accord Tourer 2012, but they are not quiet on the bad roads we have here in Norway...
    Therefore I would try the new Michelin Primacy 3 who should be less noise from. The Yokohama is also very hard and uncomfortable .
    My brother has Michelin Primacy HP on his Accord 2009 and is more quiet then my car.
  11. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I recently put Michelin Pilot Sports on the fronts, switching from Dunlop Sport SP1s. What a transformation that was the Michelins grip in all weather, they are also a quieter.

    I still have Dunlop Sports at the back, when the time comes, will replace them with Michelin Pilot Sports.
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    I believe we should be carefull with giving comment on the sound level of our tyres.
    - What I experienced: when I took the car for its very first drive it struck me how quiet the tyres were (still the original 16 inch Bridgestone Turanza's, 66k km, but previous owner drove 6 months on winter tyres also). Until I checked the tyre pressure 2 weeks later: slightly under pressure (0,2 bar). I slightly overpressured them (0,1 to 0,2 bar). But gone was my impression of quiet tyres.
    - A new tyre will always be more quiet than when it's worn. There's simply more rubber to absorb vibrations.
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    Agreed 101%. I won't use any other brand of tyre. I have Goodyear Excellence on mine - fantastic in all conditions.
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    Yokohama are very good and grippy, but noisy.
  16. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Not completely accurate depending on the type of Yokohama they at really quite tyres they only get noisy when they are worn around 2.5mm tread left. The db range tyres are fantasitic.
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    I am sure you did a post which had a list of the Honda approved tyres with their new EU ratings somewhere, probably worth a read :Smile:Neil
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    They were hopeless in the snow because they're not a winter tyre!
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    Exactly. I was talking about how summer/all season tyres are not all the same come winter time - some are better in winter conditions than others. For example, today I had no reservations about getting home from work after it snowed today as I'm on almost new Yokohama Decibel E70s - a good non-winter tyre in the snow as far as non-winter tyres go (by the way there is a difference between winter tyres and snow tyres - they are not the same). They got me everywhere I needed to go in the bad winters 09/10 and 10/11. I had to get to Kelso and back when it had snowed heavily Xmas Eve 09 - no problems. A1 was passible but the Borders roads in places weren't that good but no problems - take it easy and away you go on resonably major roads and obviously I don't try to drive up into the Cheviots or on single track roads when it's been snowing on summer tyres. Would've hated to be on Continental Sport Contact then or today. They have to be the worst tyre come even the lightest covering of snow I've ever experienced.

    Even after a year's worth of wear the Yokohamas coped well in the 10/11 winter.

    I'm always reluctant to get winter tyres as knowing my luck it will not snow once I've got them. Take this winter we've had virtually no cold weather at all - winter tyres would've worn heavily, especially this New Year so far as it's been 10 - 15 degrees until the last few days.

    Some summer/all season tyres can be lived with in bad winter weather - Yokohamas and Bridgestones being they best in my experience - Continentals being the worst. Continentals are also not as good on wet and muddy tarmac as often is the case on rural roads here in Northumberland.
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    I have Yokohama Decibel E70s and when they are inflkated to the correct tyre pressure they are unbeatable. I can't fault the tyre in anyway.