ICE & HFT Radio and Navi codes

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    When I bought my car I didn't get a radio or navi code. However the user manual makes no reference to having to enter these after re-connecting the battery. The navi handbook actually refers to disconnecting the battery to reset the GPS and doesn't say anything about having to enter a code.

    The dealer said they could get the serial numbers of the radio and navi once the battery has been disconnected but otherwise not. They can then lookup the serial numbers to get the security codes.

    I've managed to get the navi serial number off the diagnostic menu but can't find a similar menu on the radio.

    Can anyone tell me if the radio and navi have security codes at all? If so - is there a sequence of button presses that i can do to get the radio serial number? My car was new in Sep 2007. Thanks for any help!
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    They're not needed on your car. I believe the head unit is paired to the ECU with the VIN number so knows that it is still in the car once power is reconnected. I believe the problem occurs when you change head unit from one car to the next
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    Hi Paul, thank you so much for answering this for me! This explains exactly why no code is mentioned in the handbook and makes perfect sense!

    Sad that the Honda dealer I bought the car from doesn't know this, mind you even Honda UK said that there was a code and I should speak to my local dealer - most likely some customer service call centre person who didn't really know and just said something to reply back to me!
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