In-Depth Radio Code Reset (Accord, Civic and CR-V Models)

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    This is a constantly asked question and widely searched topic but with limited information out there the aim of the article is to clear some misconception surrounding radio code resets.

    A radio code reset occurs is the has been a total loss of power due to couple of reason. A drained battery or the battery has been removed to carry out routine maintenance on the car. Every car owners is given a radio code for their specific factory fitted radio\ ICE device on delivery of the car, if you lose this code you have to obtain the serial number from the radio before you can get the reset code .

    Reset codes are NOT widely or easily available on the internet or any other means, Honda has a strict policy in requesting these code from their Hondacom database.This article is to facilitate the owner to have the first part of the reset procedure but NOT a complete end to end solution. Please don't use this article to ring your local dealers and demanding the reset code via email , phone or fax.

    All Honda dealers are advised to treat requests for radio codes with the utmost caution. The dealers need to be satisfied that the recipient is either the owner of the vehicle or the authorized driver.If for any reason they are not satisfied with the integrity of the request they are advised to withhold all radio code information.
    A brief overview in how to get some of the UK \EU market radio to display their serial number

    99 Accord (6th Generation Accord) , Civic 01 > & S2000 tape players
    99 Accord , Civic 01& S2000 tape players.

    To retrieve the serial number for the above unit ,switch the ignition to position 2 with the radio switched off. When pressing L/M/U button, EJECT button and A.SEL/RDM button at the same time switch the radio on.
    The serial number will be displayed on the screen.

    99 Accord(6thgen Accord) , Civic 01> C.D. players , S2000 , CR-V 02-06 , Stream & HR-V
    99 Accord , Civic 01 C.D. players , S2000 , CRV 02-06 , Stream & HRV.
    To retrieve the serial number for the above unit,switch ignition on to position 2 with the radio switch off. When pressing preset buttons No.1 & No.6 switch the radio on.
    The serial number will be displayed on the screen.

    Accord 03 - 06 (7thgen Accord)

    Do not require a radio code.

    CR-V 02-06 & Civic 01-05 with Sat Nav
    CRV 02-06 & Civic 01-05 with Sat Nav.
    Serial number is already displayed when the radio requires a code. This is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

    CR-V 07> & Hybrid Executive

    CRV 07onward and Hybrid Ex.
    To retrieve the serial number for the above unit ,press and hold MAP, MENU and CANCEL buttons for up to 5 seconds. This should bring you into the diagnostic screen.
    Select Unit Check and on the next screen select Navi ECU.
    The next screen gives you the serial number

    Accord 08>(8thgen Accord) Non Navi & with Navigation
    Accord 08 onwards Non Navi & with Navigation.

    To retrieve the serial number for the above unit,Switch ignition ON to position 2 . Press and hold preset buttons No.1 & No.6 for more than 5 seconds with the radio turned on.
    The serial number will then be displayed
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    Hi All,

    I had to find the serial number for the radio on my 2008 Honda Accord EX (8th Generation). The local honda dealer had tried a different approach to Ichiban going through the Navi Unit Diagnostics - to no avail

    To get the serial number I had to:
    1. Turn the ignition switch to ON, (position II).
    2. Turn ON the radio; display reads CODE.
    3. Turn OFF the radio.
    4. Press and hold the 1 and 6 radio preset buttons, and turn ON the radio.
    5. Serial Number appears for 20 secs approx.
    I tried the steps listed above by Ichiban; all valid, but I found that step 3, turning the radio off is necessary and also if you mix up the steps start again, switch off the ignition and remove the key.

    Thanks for all the advice!
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    Just for information, I wanted to change my fuel filter in my diesel (2.2 I-DTEC), and i thought that my fuse box was in my way. I disconnected two ground wires from fuse box to move whole box out of my way, and, silly me, the radio lost its power, after disconnecting. Rang my local dealer (NipponAuto) and they told me, to drive to them, they took out my serial number from my car, and entered secret code. Whole job - was 10 euros. They were kind, and left a secret code, if i needed more.