ICE & HFT Radio Indetification code

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    Hi ,
    I have 2009 Honda accord touring with sat nav . I had to disconnect battery , and now i need to enter sec code. I looked for it in all possible locations - glove box etc . After ringing local dealer i was instructed to hold down 1 and 5 on radio keyboard , turn on ignition and radio identification code should come up on screen ( i need radio identification number and VIN so they could generate my sec code ) .. But all i'm getting is error code. after checking net/youtube i think it works on 7th Generation Honda's :Frown: .

    Any advise ?
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    Yup on the 8th Generation you will need a code bud, if you don't have you will need to go to the dealer. Have a look at this thread

    Honda Radio Code Rest Procedure
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    Ireland Richard Cork ,Ireland
    TY , Rang my dealer with RIC and got it all sorted.