ICE & HFT Radio Stations not tuning

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by accordsedan, Sunday 26th Feb, 2012.

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    Just had an issue with my radio. Some of the stations suffered from really bad interference and then wouldn't tune in at all, just skipping right past. EG Capital 95.8 and London Heart 106.2. drove for ages and no better. only managed to get a couple of BBC stns and classic fm. Been parked up for bout 1/2 hr now and tried again and now they all work?? Anyone shed some light on this? Have i got a fault or is a random event.
  2. A few people have had TMC reception issues on their satnav as well...there's a bit more info on the thread about that...sometimes it looks like a signal strength issue but sometimes it might be a broken connection to the aerial on the side rear window.

    If you get them all intermittently then possibly reception or loose but not severed aerial connection?...bottom line is I don't know to be honest.
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    its just happened the once, so fingers crossed it doesnt happen again. I have noticed that my tmc logo is always red too, but im not too bothered about it as i had tmc on aftermarket sat nav and i didnt find it that useful.
  4. I find the TA button on the radio is useful for that, or just putting Radio 2 on when you want to know about traffic.