ICE & HFT Radio stuck on one channel

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    Hi all. Having an issue today with my radio. Its the std honda radio. Its stuck on one channel and cannot be buttons etc do not work while i fm mode. Other media works fine ..should i disconnect fuse and reset? Any ever seen anything like this?
    Many thanks
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    Update:Couldn't figure out what happened here or how to resolve through the display so just pulled the negative off the battery ,re-entered the security code and this reset the radio. Seems to be fully functional again now..i will monitor it for a bit and see how it goes .
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    Did the same thing today so had a look in the manual..which i should have done initially once i figured out the symptons .looks like its the RDS setting..more specifically the news setting. Once that is set to 'on' it locks onto news channels i think there was only one news RDS channel available in my area ...i presume thats why i appeared to be locked out..
    Resolution go to menu button..RDS setting from on to off.
    Hopefully that sorts that.
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