Electrical & Lights Random Alarm!

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    Mornin all!

    I was wondering if there was any way to diagnose the reason behind the alarm going off?

    On my last car, the toad aftermarket flashed lights after disarming to indicate whether it was doors, internal ultra sonics or boot that has triggered the alarm. Does the accord have anything similar?
    Usually Id check the owners manual - but i sadly don't have one until i get one from ebay!

    The only reason I ask is that roughly once every 3 or 4 days, my alarm will randomly go off, and im trying to diagnose where the fault may be.


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    The alarm isnt running continuously so I'm assuming that means the synch between the ACS and the MICU is fine.

    The problem is that the alarm periodically goes off - needing me to switch it off with the FOB.

    I've checked the ultrasonic sensor as per your checks and the alarm went off, so I'm assuming its ok.

    Does the Accord issue a reason for the alarm at all, either by light flashes or the OBD2? If I knew whether it was thinking it was doors or ultrasonics, I could replace the relevant sensor.....

    Is there a way to arm the car disabling the ultrasonics? (ie pet mode)


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    Hi steve, your local dealer should be able to check via body electrcal on HDS, what triggered your alarm the last time. To be fair not much generally goes wrong with them. We have very few issues with Honda alarms and most false alarms are caused by low battery voltage. If you can't get your car in to have it connected to HDS or Hart diagnostic equipment it might be an idea to read your battery voltage with a multimeter next time it happens. don't be fooled into disregarding battrey voltage just because your car is starting everytime. Hope you get her sorted.