Sold Rare 2005/05 Accord Tourer 2.0 i-vtec Executive FHSH 57k Miles - Stunning

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    Reluctant Sale - 2005/05 – 2.0 i-VTec Executive – Petrol – Manual – Full Honda Service History – 57k Miles – 1 Previous Owner - Current Lady Owner - Blue - £4300

    10 months MOT + 10 months road tax

    This car is rare you will be hard pressed to find one that looks like this - very striking + a real head turner. It started out as a Honda showroom car fitted from new with special front sports bumper which on a UK spec car included the bumper, colour coded grille + fog lights - see the photos below.

    The car drives lovely and is in excellent condition – I won’t say it’s totally immaculate but it is really very very good both inside + out – you can see that from the photos.

    Full black leather in nice condition, front heated seats, cruise control, dual climate control, air con, electric sunroof, all round electric windows.

    Full Honda Service History by main dealer to 2012 then independent Honda specialist – service history fully documented with invoices + receipts and all stamps in service book

    March 2005 – Date of 1st registration – the car was a demonstrator for Brindley Honda, Birmingham

    January 2006 – Purchased from Brindley Honda, Birmingham by 1st owner

    August 2012 – Purchased by myself

    This is a genuine reluctant sale - unfortunately I need a car that my elderly parents can easily get into and out of and they have trouble with most estate cars so I am in the market for one of those quite ugly MPV type things!

    Service History by 1st Owner at Honda Main Dealer (Brindley Honda, Birmingham)
    March 2006 – mileage 1667 – service (3 yr Honda Service Plan)
    March 2007 – mileage 10, 743 – service (3 yr Honda Service Plan)
    May 2008 – mileage 19,621 – service (3 yr Honda Service Plan)
    April 2009 – mileage 26,936 – service – invoice for £584.63
    April 2010 – mileage 34,824 – service – invoice for £501.99
    April 2011 – mileage 42,291 – service – invoice for £444.00

    Service History under my ownership at independent Honda Specialist (Phoenix Close Honda, Heywood, Manchester)
    August 2012 – mileage 50,148 – replace front + rear brake pads + replace rear brake caliper
    October 2012 – mileage 51,340 – replace brake + clutch fluid + auxiliary drive belt
    November 2012 – mileage 52,353 – service
    December 2012 – mileage 52,466 – replace power steering pipe + fluid

    MOT History – all previous MOT certificates
    May 2008 – mileage 19,621
    April 2009 – mileage 26,936
    April 2010 – mileage 34,824
    April 2011 – mileage 42,291
    July 2012 – mileage 49,862
    July 2013 – mileage 56,127

    Four good tyres – Pirellis all round
    New space saver wheel purchased from Holdcroft Honda – November 2012 – unused
    Original tyre puncture repair kit still with the car – unused
    Honda boot liner

    I will upload the photos below. If you have problems with them or would prefer them on email then just send me a message with your email address.

    We are in New Mill, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, HD9

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    Hi Guys,

    Ok so this wasn't a huge success. I'm reducing the price on my Tourer as I simply have to sell it all thanks to elderly parents + my elderly dog who are all struggling to get in + out of it. Two weeks ago the dog did something to his back getting out of the car so it meant a pricey trip to the vet and we now have to use a box to get him in + out of the car. Looking for something much lower at the back and prob quite van like!

    So why are used Accord Tourers so cheap? The bottom seems to have fallen out of that particular market. I look on AutoTrader and an exact same car to mine in A4 form (same age, same mileage) is on at £5490!

    So I will try my Tourer at £3500 and see what happens (did you notice that grill + bumper + fog light arrangement? Gotta be worth it just for that!)

    All the best,
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    Its a shame jayne people are no longer buying petrol tourer like they used to. If your car was a saloon it would have been sold.
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    Many thanks for your reply and how are you? Yes I agree petrol Tourers don't seem too popular at the moment hence the tumbling prices and the ones I have been watching on Autotrader similar to mine seem to be sticking as the ads aren't disappearing.

    A4's seem to be asking good money as I said above - another £2k on top of what I'm asking for the same car - can't wait for the bottom to fall out of the German estate market as well then :Wink:

    Ciao ciao for now .... Jayne