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    I've developed (well the car has) a rattling window on the drivers side. Obviously as it's right in the ol' lug hole it's a right PITA. Did I read that this is a known issue and there's a recommendation for felt strips or something?

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    Apparently there's a TSB for this and it's well known problem according to the interweb. Can't find a copy of the TSB but the general gist is 'anti-squeak' tape on the inside of the seals. I've ordered this: with the idea of inserting it the channel somehow or other.
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    My driver’s window started with a very slight rattle and I put off doing anything about it, it then started to jam when trying to open it, I was afraid that it was going to break so I took it to my local dealers in Cardiff (Ryland Honda) who checked and repaired it in 35 minutes, the bolts that secure the glass in the lower channel had worked loose. They charged me £40:00 for the repair which has cured it completely and obviously much cheaper than a new piece of glass, well pleased.