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    I have a kind of narrow margin though.
    Given I can do 45K miles on a busy year I have to look at cost effectiveness.
    The sweet spot is a four or five year old car that's done about 50k, taking it up to 140K with services, selling it and repeating the cycle.
    ....the last 18 months has seen a bit of a downturn, as I'm sure most are aware, that why I've only put 45K on it so far...

    Given the likely issues with the Accord I can't see me holding onto it for long, there's just too much risk involved.
    (The plan was to maybe upgrade on the next cycle, later this year/early next to a 2008/9, but once bitten... :Messed:)

    ..sorry for getting a bit off-topic.
  2. Possibly, although there are plenty of unmapped well-looked-after trouble free ones, extended warranties to 125k miles for certain main issues, and some get over 200k. Petrol reliability would undoubtedly come at a cost with that mileage, although less so with a 2 litre.

    Granted there are issues though...although I don't know if you would you find better diesel reliability elsewhere.
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    personally I think its also depends on luck.One of my friends always buyng cars what done 150k (VW) and more and never had any major problems,so its luck
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    If you asking if an Accord can take more than 140k, then answer is yes with ease.

    Are you positive that buying a 4 year old car at 50k is cost effective? Because you must be getting hammered with deprecation no?
  5. gedutism Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I think that accord and Hodas in total have own market hole and they don't suffer from deprecation much
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    The depreciation isn't that bad tbh, the biggest hit has already been taken by others.
    The last one (Mazda 6 1.8 petrol) only lost me £2700 over two years, the Accord before that (an emergency/cheap purchase) lost me £300, and the Nissan before that one got written off so was never sold on.
    Given the company allowance is £3600 pa I have £7200 to play with over the two years to offset depreciation, pay for servicing/running repairs and maybe upgrade on the next purchase.

    It's ironic that this diesel Accord has bitten me on the ass since I was was originally going for a 2.0 VTEC Sport but kept just missing them.
    ....I should have stuck with the idea. :Tongue:
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    i would with out any hesitation go for an accord again and i have had some problems but HUK came good on main issues manifold VSA and replaced clutch under warranty and my existing prob was my own fault for not reading up on things and been a fool. Quite simple full Honda history if diesel check manifold VSA slipping clutch