Real mpg at constant speed 60mph

Discussion in '4th Generation (2015)' started by Neo, Friday 19th Jan, 2018.

  1. Neo New Member Getting Started

    Hi.. I am after some advice here as I am a potential new owner of a Jazz 1.3 2017 model.
    What are the real world MPG on A roads where I drive at a constant speed of 60mph.?

    I am currently own a Toyota Yaris diesel and gets 65mpg easily.
    I just wanted to see how much fuel I will be using on the Jazz as I am getting rid of my Yaris soon.

    Also what is the reliability like? Will it last 100k miles or more on Honda engine? My current Yaris is at 150k miles and still reliable but wanted a change....
    I do about 17k miles a year.
  2. Eck Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    An impossible question to answer but I can give you my experience based on my 'style' of driving.
    Mainly country with 'usual' speed of 52mph outwith 30/40 restrictions and when "going places" at 62/72mph where limits apply. These speeds are as indicated on cruise control.
    This gives me 49.3mpg (13038miles) on this model Vs 45.3 (18370) on the previous.
    I record all fills and mileages.