ICE & HFT Really simple advice needed for a technology novice!

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    My new CR-V will (to the best of my knowledge) come with only a single shot CD player, rather than the 5 disc changer in my current Accord.

    As somebody who has never downloaded any music (ever), I have a couple of hopefully simple questions that somebody will be able to answer for me :Smile:. I have searched, so apologies if this is covered elsewhere and I've missed it...:Blushing:...or more likely not realised it answers my questions!

    First, I understand that I can connect my iPhone (5S) to the car using a cable in the glovebox. If I download music to the iPhone, I can see that I will be able to play it through the car stereo - but will that interfere with the bluetooth operation of the HFT - i.e. can I listen to downloaded music AND take / receive calls at the same time?

    Out of interest, how many tracks would you expect to be able to store on an iPhone 5S?

    Second, when I got my iPhone/iPad/iMAC last year, I also got Spotify Premium free for the lifetime of my contract with Vodafone. I have used Spotify - after some initial scepticism, and it is rather good I think. It is now on all three of my devices, which are synchronised together. Is there a way of playing Spotify through the car stereo, rather than downloading tracks to the iPhone through something like iTunes?

    Like I said, apologies if these are very simple questions but I'm a bit baffled by it all :Laughing:...thanks in advance!
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    I've never used the Honda interface but almost all systems will switch to Bluetooth when there's a call incoming/outgoing. So yes you should be able to listen to music and take/receive calls at the same time.
    As you're coming from CDs you should ideally rip at 320kbps which is around 10mb per 5 mins of song (on average) - from that you can probably work out the space required.
    Spotify should function like the music player on the iphone would when connected via the cable so it should play through the car stereo.

    Finally, if the Honda system has A2DP then you should be able to stream all music over bluetooth with no need for the cable. Hopefully another CR-V owner can confirm whether that feature is present or not.
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    leonard london
    Hi FirsHonda , if your CR-V has a sat nav then the unit have 8GB hard drive to store your music.
    Every time you insert a CD it downloads it and keep it in the HD and you can play it from there any time .
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    Thanks @leonard

    My CR-V will be an SR with navigation, so it sounds like this is the best solution! Excellent :Smile:

    I think I've now worked out that you can take Spotify "off line" - so even if I can't stream direct from it, I should still be able to access the songs and playlists that I have marked as "available off-line."
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    That's a lot better as your phone won't be using mobile data and music is going to be available during mobile signal blackouts.

    Thanks for your input @leonard - with 8gb, you can probably fit around 1000 odd songs depending on the compression method used.
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    Hi @FirstHonda

    I've not picked my CR-V up yet, but most new cars will come with Bluetooth streaming capability as @Chunkylover53 says. In both my current cars I just connect the phone via Bluetooth, start a song playing (on the phone or Spotify) then change the stereo to the AUX input and it will stream the songs straight to the stereo.

    Also there are options in Spotify to alter the bitrate (quality) of the music for both streaming and downloading, so depending on how these are set it will affect your data/memory usage.

    Whenever someone calls you your music should fade out and you'll get the ringtone through the car speaker, when the call ends the music will fade back up.
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  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    AFAIK, there are a number of ways to play music through the Honda system. I prefer to put my music onto a USB flash drive and leave it plugged in. You can then control things via the unit or voice commands. The phone can then use the Bluetooth interface and again be controlled like the USB.

    I would prefer to keep the on board system as clear as possible, apart from maybe a few tracks of my favourite music.
    However, we're all different, and it's what your happy with that counts.
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    Having had a bit of a play this morning:

    - Yes, the audio does have a hard drive which will capture CDs, but I haven't yet tried to do it.
    - I can't seem to get Spotify from my mobile phone yet, but haven't tried connecting it to the cable in the armrest. Via bluetooth it is simple to connect to my iPhone (as an audio source) and play the only thing that is currently on there - the U2 album that came free a few months ago :Aghast:
    - DAB seems pretty good for R5L and TalkSport, but the selection of stations available seems very limited - no 5Live Sports Extra for instance. Not sure why, will have to investigate further...
    - HFT simple to connect and use, pretty much the same as my Accord. Nice new touch is that it tells me which phone is connected when I get in the car, handy as I have a couple.

    The range of options and menus is significantly greater than in my 8th Generation Accord - understandable as technology has moved on - it may take me some time to figure it all out. Time to spend a rainy afternoon reading the handbooks and drinking tea methinks :Grin:
  9. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    I have now tried out the hard drive - saves each CD as it plays. Fantastic!