Suspension, Steering and Brakes Rear Brake Discs - What Size Do I have?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Heckler, Wednesday 22nd Jul, 2015.

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    Ordered new discs and pads all round yesterday... the seller sending me the rear discs, has put the order on hold and wants to know which size discs I have... says they could be 260mm or 282mm.

    From what I've read... and I may be wrong on this... But the rear discs on a 54 plate 2,2 CTDi tourer should be 282mm ones... I've sent them details of the car and it's reg number and they still say it could be either and I need to check.... Not exactly possible at the moment and I need these items delivered by Friday because I have a long drive coming up on Monday. I can understand them not wanting to send out the wrong ones... but I'm also on a time scale and ordered them so everything would be here before Friday so they can be fitted.
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    Called around a few Honda dealers... service depts at them all had finished for the day. :Frown:

    As far as I can tell I need the 282 ones.... but now I'm concerned I might have ordered the wrong pads too... I've got 16" wheels on so it could certainly have the 282 ones fitted... and I know some one told me that it already has the 300mm front discs same as the 2.4 CL9.

    Won't know now until the morning... which means I'll probably have to cancel this order and get some locally at a higher price. Car is booked in for Sat morning to have everything done.
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    What happened with the discs in the end?
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    It was all good and I do have the 282 ones as I thought I did... it was just a useless seller telling me they could be 260mm when the one I bought the pads from confirmed to me that the tourer had 282 on the rear.

    Because the seller messed around, I had to cancel the order because they delayed it so long they were never going to arrive in time. Instead I picked some up locally which cost about £6 more.

    BTW.... the discs on these cars are :tut: heavy... Much heavier than I've had before on lighter cars, even far more powerful ones.