Service & Maintenance Rear brake Shoes?

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by bigjoe, Monday 14th Dec, 2015.

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    Hi guys, I went to fit some new discs and pads to the FR-V tonight, to give it a tidy up for the wife....however....

    I didnt realise that the FR-V has both rear pads fro braking and rear brake shoes for the handbrake.

    Are there any good guides or has anyone done the fitting of the shoes looked very tight in behind the wheel hub to get near the shoes themselves.

    On another note, the FR-V also has a long brake pedal (actually, the first inch or so is dead and then the brake operates normally), does every think its a simple brake bleed and fluid replacement or is there any leg work in looking at the master/slave setup. PS the car isnt loosing any fluid and the pedal is good when it is actually engaged.


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    Oddly, looks like we don't have that much info (or guides) on rear brake shoes.

    There is some info in this thread (albiet for an Accord Tourer, should still be useful though.

    As for pedal travel, either you have a fault clutch master or slave cylinder or you've got a lot of air in the system or perhaps seized caliper/s.

    On my Edix(JDM FR-V) the brakes respond instantly upon pressing the pedal.

    Get your brakes checked out @bigjoe !
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    I replaced the handbrake shoes in my FR-V last year. I bought decent Pagid ones from Euro car parts but try as I might I coulod not get the discs back on. I ended up having to wear them down a bit with some emery cloth to make them fit. This then made me think it was th ehandbrake shoes when I kept getting a sticky wheel - It was actually seized pistons in the brake calipers. Replaced the brake calipers and all honky dory.