Optional Extras Rear bumper protector

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    Found this on eBay (while continuing my search for the genuine aero bumpers, curse you @Racy Jace :Laughing:).

    I've got no connection with the seller, I just thought this might be of interest to somebody as it is very cheap. The advert rightly notes that new these are about £100, and on eBay Honda dealers usually charge £80 or thereabouts.

    One thing I do know is that this fits the pre-facelift only. The shape for the facelift model is slightly different, and the part has changed.
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    That's a good find. Definitely worth it.

    I think your best chance at an aero bumper is a breakers if you can't get one at a dealers cheap enough.
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    Bugger! Went to York today to take SWMBO to the designer outlet but only read this when I got home!