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    Hi Guys

    Had my wheels off the on the back of my car and noticed the rear coil springs are really really rusty and flaking.
    They haven't snapped or anything and it flew through the MOT recently.

    So should I be worried yet? Or just keep it going?

    If I decide to change them how big of a job is it? Haven't really investigated but is it a case of unbolt the bottom of shock absorber and use a pry bar to lower the bottom arm to lift out the spring or is there more to it than that.

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    As far as I can tell you trying to take the springs out without using a spring compressor is very likely to kill you.
    An alternate trick I learnt from my Yaris days was, use one jack to lift the car up and a second one to lift the axle up and undo the shockabsorber's top bolts.. then slowly wind down the axle jack to ease the load off it slowly.. and let the spring come it to its fully extended state gently.. and then it would just come out. Like this:

    Don't know anything about Accords so I will let one of our resident experts sort that out.
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    What's really, really rusty? And you will need a spring compressor if you value your eyesight and face!
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    I have a spring compressor. that's not a problem. The coil springs them selves are really rusty. As in starting to de-laminate.
    I could go at them with a wire brush but I am concerned after 12 years some of their strength may be gone and they will break at some point in the near future.

    I know on some cars the rear arm can be disconnected enough for the springs to be manipulated out without being compressed which to me is a safer option. I get very nervous around compressed springs for obvious reasons.

    The tourer has a separate spring/shock set up not a spring shock strut. not sure if its the same on the saloon models.