Suspension, Steering and Brakes Rear disc's and pad change.

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    Hi all.

    Changed the disc's and pads on the Vauxhall meriva over the week due to an advisory of 25% brake wear left. All as ways a piece of cake on the Meriva.

    Decided to do the Honda yesterday so changed the all the disc's and pads. On the rear pads I noticed their is a pin located at the bottom of the pad in the middle. Should this pin line up with the caliper piston slot. I turned the pistons in ok and they did not feel seized. I greased the slider pins and and they feel ok.

    On starting the car this morning the brake pedal was hard until the car started. I took the car for a run and after 10 miles I could feel car dragging a little. Pulled over and the rear N/S wheel was smoking from the pads. The other three wheels discs were hot but nothing like the buring one.

    Unlike the merivia which I always open the bleed nipple on the capliers due to ABS setup I did not do this on the Honda as after searching on the web and watching a few videos of nobody seemed to do this on the Honda.

    The brakes before were fine apart from both rear disc's not wearing even with a small band on the disc where the pads were touching. the rest of the disc was rusty.

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    Yes, should align like this


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    I had a similar problem with a smoking rear offside brake and it turned out to the be the piston lever arm on the caliper (the bit the handbrake cable hooks over). I think there was so much crud trapped beneath the central nut and around the spindle it just jammed it. I was eventually able to feel it out by working it back n forward (channel locks are your friend here) and spraying penetrating oil around it whilst off the car.

    There should be enough force via the spring to return the lever and close this gap, as you can see mine was jammed on.

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    Thank you for the pictures. I had an idea the pin might be the cause of the problem.

    I stripped down the brake system and I had not alighned the piston to the pin correctly as I had done on the other side. I have rebuilt it and every is working as it should. Though the brake pedel is still hard after it has been parked for a while. Of course this clears once the engines starts