Bulletins & Advisories Rear Door Hard to Open in Cold Temperatures

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    FR-V Owners
    Chassis codes: BE1, BE3, BE5
    Production years: 2005 & 2006.

    The Symptoms
    Owners can experience that the rear door is hard to open in low temperatures below 0°C.

    The Cause
    Water trapped between the door seal and body has become frozen in the low temperatures causing the seal to adhere to the body, thus making the door difficult to open.

    The Fix
    The design of the door checkers (A) have been modified to ensure a tighter fit of the door seals which prevents water ingress between the seal and body.

    AOCUK FRV Door Checker.JPG

    Parts Information
    Please consult your local Honda dealer for a fix, p;ease note this may be chargeable piece of work as the car production has stopped and all FR-V are no longer under manufacturers standard warranty.