ICE & HFT Rear door speakers

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    Hi All,

    Quick question:

    Does the honda accord ES GT 2.2 diesel have rear door speakers installed or are they just dummies?

    Mine is a 58 plate and they do not work and the garage says they are dummy speakers

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    Re: Rear dorr speakers

    AFAIK, yes the rear doors do have speakers.

    Never heard such thing as "dummy" speakers, unless you have some Fiat-mobile...
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    Re: Rear dorr speakers

    Use the balance and fader controls on the stereo to check each one in turn.
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    Re: Rear dorr speakers

    Thanks guys.

    I have tried the fader options and the rear door speakers do not work.

    I will give the garage a call.

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    Re: Rear dorr speakers

    Your not the first person to ask this. If its a premium system with the subwoofer then yes they should be in the rear doors as its a 10 speaker system. If you do have a premium system and they are missing then I would say garages are now taking them out to keep for spares to use in the front doors. As you have some already in the rear parcel shelf they obviously think people won't notice if they're missing. The standard stereo is a 6 speaker system though so make sure you know which one you have.

    If you end up having to buy some after market speakers like Pioneer etc, I would suggest putting the original front speakers in the rear doors and your new ones in the front. It is really easy to take your door cards off so don't worry about attempting it your self.

    I hope this helps.
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